Central welcomes new staff

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Central welcomes new staff

Dailey Harris, Staff Writer

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The Central Times would like to do a special welcome to the new teachers in the building. Below is interesting information about each of the teachers and how they are adjusting to Central so far.

Rachel Wilson

Subject(s): Principles of Agriculture, Agriscience, and Greenhouse

College and Major: Bachelor’s of Science in Agriculture Education at Murray State University

Graduated High School: Central Hardin in 2001

Favorite part about Central: “It’s fun to be back at my alma mater and see the old traditions interwoven with the new.  It’s fun to be back in the classroom where I learned to love FFA and decided to be an agriculture teacher.”

Favorite part about teaching: She highly values the relationships built with students.

Hope to achieve at Central: “Continued growth in agriculture excellence for our students.”

Interest outside of school: “In my spare time (I’m a mom of four, so I don’t have much), I enjoy all things agriculture, hiking, and reading.  I also have a love of softball and dogs (we currently have 11!).”

Isaac Vanmeter

Subject(s): Physical Education 9-12th grade

College and Major: Major in Social Studies and History at Western Kentucky University and a Bachelor of Art with a focus in Secondary Education

Graduated High School: Central Hardin in 2014

Favorite part about Central: “The kids, their good behavior, they know what they are supposed to do…And then being a product of Central Hardin and being able to come back and teach here is pretty cool.”

Favorite part about teaching: “Helping people. Seeing kids learn, seeing kids enjoy themselves in the classroom. If someone’s having a bad day, I can say, ‘hey, what’s up?’ and maybe help them have a better day. Just kind of being there for someone if they need it.”

Hope to achieve at Central: “This is my first official teaching job, so I would like to stay here at Central and teach Social Studies and coach baseball. It just all depends on what they have in store for me. I hope to be here for a long time and help as many people as I can.”

Interest outside of school: Fish, hunt, enjoy the outdoors, ride ATVs, spend time with friends, and play baseball.

“An interesting fact about me is that I met my fiancée here at Central in my sophomore year.”

Paige Wilson

Subject(s): Regular and Honors English IV, and World Mythology

College and Major:  Undergraduate English for Secondary Teacher at Western Kentucky University and working on Masters in professional school counseling at University of Cumberlands

Graduated High School: Central Hardin in 2013

Favorite part about Central: “This is home for me, and this is where I graduated from, and just the positive relationships that I have with staff and students in the building.”

Favorite part about teaching: “My favorite part is about teaching seniors, specifically by following them from high school and watching them become successful and seeing what they do with their lives after they graduate.”

Hope to achieve at Central: “To continue to form positive relationships with kids, to be able to see how successful they are when they graduate, and being that person they can come to, even after they leave the building.”

Interest outside of school: Coach cheer, work on aster’s, spend time with husband and family.

Cody Elmore

Subject(s): Integrated Science

College and Major: Undergraduate in Psychology with minor in Chemistry at University of Louisville and working on Masters in Education Western Kentucky University

Graduated High School: Central Hardin in 2013

Favorite part about Central: “I love the people here. I love the kids and the faculty. I love how much it is a big family.

Favorite part about teaching:  “Interacting with kids. Loving on them, Talking to them, Getting to know them, all that stuff.”

Hope to achieve at Central: “I want to teach well, make sure they learn and make a difference in the lives of students.”

Interest outside of school: Play basketball and coach basketball, golf, spend time with family.

“I’m probably the best shooter in the school, basketball shooter. I’m the best one in the entire building. People need to be aware of that.”

Alex Vowels

Subject(s): U.S History, Political science, Arts & Humanities

College and Major: Social Studies Education at Campbellsville University

Graduated High School: Central Hardin in 2012

Favorite part about Central: “This is the school I went to. I graduated here in 2012, so my favorite part is coming back.”

Favorite part about teaching: “Having fun with kids while trying to get them engaged to learn, and helping them.

Hope to achieve at Central: “I want to keep doing what I am doing, teaching social studies and doing what I love. The other thing I love is soccer, and I am the assistant coach for the girls’ soccer team, so I want to keep doing that. Maybe at some point move up and become the head coach.”

Interest outside of school: Go to the gym and lift, hang out with friends in Bowling Green, spend time with wife and watch Netflix.

Angela Galm

Subject(s): Chemistry

College and Major: Bachelors of Biology Education with General Science certification at Faulkner University, and Doctorate in Education from Valdosta State University

Graduated High School: 1999

Favorite part about Central:  “It reminds me of the school I graduated from. It’s very laid back, and I would think teachers have a more personable relationship with their students.”

Favorite part about teaching: “The students, they are all different, so you get different personalities, and it makes each class different and unique.”

Hope to achieve at Central: “I hope to teach everyone chemistry, so maybe develop an interest in science, because I like science.”

Interest outside of school: Play role-playing video games

“Most people think it is cool that I have a hairless cat.”

Dylan Cobb

Subject(s): Freshman P.E and Health

College and Major: Major Exercise Science at Western Kentucky University

Graduated High School:  2011

Favorite part about Central: “I like the students and how the other teachers are very accepting and looking to help each other out.”

Favorite part about teaching: “Getting to teach students new things and help them understand something they didn’t understand before. Helping them grasp something that they have trouble with.”

Hope to achieve at Central: “That through health I can maybe help someone change their life for the better, like making better choices in their personal life.”

Interest outside of school: Work out, spend time with daughter and family


Kimberly Gibson

Subject(s): Integrated Science

College and Major: Undergraduate in political science at Western and Masters in Education at Bellarmine.

Graduated High School: John Hardin in 2003

Favorite part about Central: “I’ve taught middle school for the last ten years, so I think my favorite part is getting to teach older kids. You can go a lot deeper with the content and so that has been fun to teach kids that are a little more mature.“

Favorite part of teaching: “I am a real big science nerd. I love it! So my favorite about teaching when I have students that get excited about that too. That’s always fun to me, to see other fellow science nerds.”

Hope to achieve at Central: “I am doing the Science Honors Society this year, so I am sponsoring that team. Which they compete in the Science Olympiad, so I’m kinda hoping to do that justice because they have been successful in the past, so I am hoping to continue that tradition.”

Interest outside of school:  Play piano and sing, and play instruments with friends.

“I went to Hardin County Schools, and I graduated the first class of John Hardin, and before that, I went to North, so it is funny that I teach at Central given that it is the only one out of the three high schools I didn’t go to. “


Damon King

Subject(s):  Arts and Humanities and co-teach Symphonic Band

College and Major: Majored in Music Education at Campbellsville University

Graduated High School: 2010

Favorite part about Central: “As a teacher, I like being here because I feel like I’m not micromanaged. Like I feel like I am trusted to do my job well, and I don’t have people looking over me every second of every day. I feel like I have been treated like an adult here, which has been nice. The students here seem like they enjoy at school, compared to where I have been in the past. The atmosphere here is just a lot more relaxed but also professional at the same time, and I get that a lot from the students and teachers both.“

Favorite part about teaching: “I like the longer classes. In my previous district, each class was about 50 minutes. Here they’re an hour and 8 minutes. I feel like I can calmly get through everything I have to and if I have to go back and redo something or adjust something I have time to do that at the end. There’s a beginning, a middle and an end to a class period, wherein a 50-minute class; you feel like you have only 50 minutes to do something and you rush.”

Hope to achieve at Central: “My focus right now is on marching band mostly, so we are getting towards the end of that season, so my brain is more focused on high achievement within marching band. In the general sense of being here, I want to feel comfortable. From what I experienced so far, I feel like I can retire here. I’ve got 20 something years left in teaching, and I don’t think it would be a terrible thing if I finish it here. I like being here.”

Interest outside of school: Marching band, take care of his kid, play some video games

“I like Taco Bell a lot, so I’ll eat there quite a bit.”

Terri Young

Subject(s): All subjects

College and Major: Certified in Elementary Education and Special Ed at Western Governors University and received Masters in moderate to severe disabilities at Western Kentucky University

Graduated High School: 1987

Favorite part about Central: “I love the atmosphere here, and I like all the staff and faculty are all very friendly. The kids are great, so I like everything about Central.”

Hope to achieve at Central: Favorite part about teaching: “My kids, just being with my kids.”

“Hopefully develop the low incidence program so that they have opportunities in school as well outside of school to help them prepare for life and what’s going to happen outside of school.”

Interest outside of school:  Gardening, camp, or anything outside.