Let us remember!

Seniors summarize their high school adventure in six words or less.


Dailey Harris

“It was really wild fam.”~Delanna Betlej

“It doesn’t actually get better, ever.”~Alissa Briscoe

“It smells bad but was fun.”~Carolee Coleman

“Please pick up your ketchup packets.”~Tatum Cox

“Our lives start now. “~Katie Estes

“I think I have gone mad. “~Katherine French

“Fun, Confusing, Transformational, Hard, Sad, and Amazing.”~Seth Faulkner

“Quizlet should be your best friend.”~ Dailey Harris

“Periodt.”~Jordan Isom

“Girls are a waste of time.”~Jack Kisselbaugh

“The ketchup fiasco was pretty funny.” ~Rachel Koch

“If you peak now, you failed.”~Acacia Leisam

“Exciting but way too much work.”~Sara Mays

“Four years… more like four days.”~Stella Myers

“Drama filled chaos.”~Victoria Steele

“I’m posting this on my finsta”~Sophia Torres

“How it changed through the years (for the better)”~ Hannah Wilson