Make the Most out of Spirit Week


Reagan Reed, Staff Writer

Spirit Week brings out the competition in everyone from all grades and everyone wants to do the most to prove that their grade is the best. All of this build-up leads us to the pep rally this Friday, which will ultimately decide who wins the Spirit Stick and which had the most excitement. 

I know that for freshman the idea of a pep rally may be a little intimidating since so many students will all be there at once, and you don’t really know what a high school pep rally entails. My main advice is just to throw yourself into and have fun with it. The grade that always wins is the one that’s the loudest, so if you’re excited about being there and wanting to win you’ll show that by the way you cheer. Also, if you don’t know the chants by now you really need to ask. Not knowing the cheers makes you feel lost and uncomfortable so it’s best to make yourself familiar with what will be said during the pep rally.

This tradition is what makes the week of Homecoming so much fun for the students. We’ll spend all week getting psyched competing against one another that by the time the game on Friday rolls around we’re so excited to see our team win. Then the actual game is even better because we get to see all of our friends dressed and walking the track, and two lucky people get crowned King and Queen. For some people, it’s a very magical night.

However, if you’re not one of the very few that get to be on the Homecoming Court, you can still participate by doing the themes for spirit week! The themes this week are all under the category of “Time to be Kind,” just as a reminder to students to all encourage one another despite all the competition.


Monday- Time to Shine (Neon)

Tuesday- Time to Serve (Camo or USA)

Wednesday- Time to Play (Jersey)

Thursday- Time to Party (Frat)

Friday- Time to Represent (School Colors)

I know it may seem a little difficult to achieve some of these categories because obviously not everyone will always have every outfit available. If you need some help figuring out a way you could still join in here are some ideas of alternative outfits!

  • If you don’t have a jersey at your disposal, instead wear a shirt with your favorite sports team on it.
  • For Frat theme if you don’t have any preppy name brand clothing, borrow one of your Dad’s old dress shirts and hats.
  • And of course for Friday, just wear your grade’s color.

Hopefully these ideas were helpful and that everyone tries their best to show out for spirit week. Also, not only is it important to show your support by dressing up for the daily themes at school, but also to dress up for the game theme, which is going to be decades. Everyone dressing up for the game together makes it more fun and makes the student section feel more unified because we’re all representing the same thing.

Don’t forget about the most fun part, which is the Homecoming Dance after the game on Friday from 10-12. As always, it’s being run by the Y-Club, and tickets are limited, so buy a ticket sometime during this week for the dance before they’re all sold out! Again, please show out for the game and support the Bruins!