Two Points of View on Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker


Carter Cox, Reece Sherrard, Staff Writer

There is lots of controversy to the new movie, Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker on whether or not the movie lived up to the expectations. We will cover two different points of view on the movie, one liking the movie, and one disliking the movie. 



In my opinion, it did. I thought it was a great movie; however, I can say there were a few problems with things like lack of character development and plot holes in general. Overall, I think it was a good, entertaining movie. It was easily the best movie of the new trilogy. 


The way The Force Awakens set up the plot for The Last Jedi was horrible and was part of the reason The Last Jedi was so bad (aside from the fact that JJ Abrams didn’t direct it). Rise of Skywalker basically was trying to revive the plotline of the new trilogy. 


One reason I liked it was simply because of the incredible setting throughout the movie. These simple nature shots make the movie so interesting and it’s just really cool to see things like this. These simple, yet beautiful scenes can greatly affect a movie’s appeal. Although it’s purely aesthetic, it makes a big difference. 


Not only that but also the movie had incredible CGI work. The way these professionals can make completely fake things look completely real is mind-boggling to me. One example of this is Princess Leia basically throughout the whole movie. 


Equally important is the crazy plot twist of Kylo Ren turning to the good side. Going into this movie I can say they I expected a great fight to the death between Kylo and Rey, but that isn’t at all what happened. 


Yes, they did fight, until Rey stabbed him in the stomach, only to heal him moments later. This indeed shocked me, but it was a good plot twist in my opinion because Kylo Ren is already such a likable character and it’s almost like you don’t want to like him because he’s a Sith. 


With that being said, I thought Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker was a good movie, and it was a good way to cap off the new trilogy. 



I personally did not like the movie. I am a HUGE Star Wars fan, so for me, this movie was not the ending to the series I was looking for. There were so many problems with this film. 


My biggest gripe against this movie is the many plot holes. The biggest one in my mind was the lack of explanation on how Palpatine returned. For this, we have to take a look back on the franchise as a whole. The biggest moment in series history was when in episode 6, The Last Jedi, Darth Vader turned on Palpatine and it showed the culmination of Anakin Skywalker/Vader’s internal struggle. Bringing Palpatine back diminished that moment because we were not given a clear enough explanation. 


Another issue with this production was that it had to cover-up for episode 8, The Last Jedi’s many mistakes. Episode 8 was universally recognized as a terrible movie, so the hiccups in that movie prevented the finale from being a great film. For instance, the egregious character, Rose, was a main character in Episode 8, and in the Rise of Skywalker, she barely gets any screen time. This might seem fantastic, but since she had such a prominent role in the last film, her absence made no sense, especially since her and main character Finn seemed to be romantic in the last film.


My final complaint I will include (not the final one I have), is that there seemed to be no consequences for the actions of the characters. . . .. There were quite a bit of deaths, but they were almost all resurrected somehow that made no sense. The Emperor was thrown down a reactor shaft and exploded, but he is actually alive! The ship Chewie was on was destroyed, but he was actually on a different ship! C-3PO’s memory was wiped in a heroic sacrifice, but R2 has a backup! Kylo is stabbed in the chest by a lightsaber, but Rey heals him! Rey is killed in her fight with the Emperor, but Kylo heals her!

All in all, I did not hate the movie. After all, Star Wars is my favorite franchise of movies. But I felt that the conclusion to the most popular 9-filmed series of all time needed a better send-off.