Kevin Jaggers’ Musical Journey

2014 Graduate Shares His Story


Photo Courtesy of Kevin Jaggers

Central Hardin Alumnus Kevin Jaggers has released a new single: “Lookin’ for a Party.”

Alumni Kevin Jaggers has always had a love for music. 

“I started in music mainly because it was something I had a passion for my whole life —even when I was younger,” Jaggers said. “I love country music. Always have.” 

When Jaggers went to Central Hardin, he was president of the FBLA club (Future Business Leaders of America)  in his senior year and a member of Y-Club. 

Jaggers, who graduated in 2014, wasn’t necessarily a person that was popular or athletic, but nobody disliked him. 

“I had a lot of friends. Some popular, some not as much,” Jaggers said, “but no one knew I played music until senior year. I never did a talent show, never talked about shows, no one really knew until then. What’s really cool is when I see people I graduated with at shows, even some that I wasn’t super close with before graduation. It’s awesome that they support me and means a whole lot to me.”

While he was still in high school, his aunt, Denise, was booking him shows and scheduling where he needed to be. His first gig was at Little Ricks in Lebanon Junction when he was 16. 

“She had me playing on lower Broadway in Nashville during the day and anywhere else that would have me,” Jaggers remembered.

While a junior at Central, he got a job broadcasting as a radio anchor, working at local stations WQXE and The Wolf. He continued to co-op there during his senior year. He felt the radio stations were the closest way to be involved in the country music industry. Jaggers said his radio background helped him in his music career. 

“Yes. It absolutely did. It helped me so much. I control my voice better, I have a better ear for music that will be successful on the radio, and I have more of an understanding of the music industry behind the scenes. So that was really cool for me. And now having my songs on the radio, that is awesome!” 

Coming out of high school, Jaggers was “more lost than anything,” He knew he loved marketing, radio, and music but was unsure of which road he wanted to go down. Jaggers’ mom told him, “You’re 18…You’ve got your whole life ahead of you.” His stepdad told him, “You need to go to college now and get it done.” His dad and stepmom seemed pretty okay with anything until he started touring, then his father was worried. 

Kevin needed a push to move forward. His general manager he had become close with, Richard Price, told him, “I know you love it here, but think about what you can do beyond this. Think about exploring those other opportunities, because you can come back to doing this.” 

That is just what Jaggers did. He started becoming really serious about his music and that has allowed him to get where he is now.

Playing hometown shows in or around Elizabethtown is a favorite for Jaggers. He has traveled this year, “everywhere from New York to Chicago to Las Vegas.”

“I have made a lot of stops in between. I’ve played in Pennsylvania, Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, and of course keeping my appearance in Kentucky. That is important to me.”

Jaggers would describe his music style as reflective of what kind of music he grew up on. Early 2000s country, but with a modern take. Jaggers’ influences are artists who are also songwriters such as Eric Church and Thomas Rhett, the ones really involved in their songs. 

As someone who’s really only ever done music, did he ever want to do anything else job-wise? 

“You know, I’ve always wondered what it would be like to do something else,” he jokingly said, ”but I know this is what I was meant to do. No matter what level that may be.”

Jaggers has been very successful in his career, and he gave some insight to aspiring musicians. 

“Being a musician is a rough business. And it is a business. My advice would be to do everything you can to be mindful and understanding of the way the business side of the music industry works. You can sing and play the guitar all day, and you can be really good at it! But you have to know how to market yourself as a musician to make a career out of it. Marketing myself better is something that I am constantly working on.”

Kevin Jaggers has music on all platforms, such as Spotify and Apple Music, along with his shows. He has a new single out called “Lookin’ for a Party.” The album cover for “Lookin’ for a Party” was taken at one of his favorite venues to play music: The Dive in Cave City.

Jaggers has been very successful, but did he ever expect it? 

“Ha! I don’t know if I’ve earned the ‘successful’ word yet. But I know that I’m doing something right. Music is my job— my only job. And for that, I’m very blessed.”