Three Democratic Candidates Have Just Dropped Out: Is That Really Such a Bad Thing?


Calei Loy, Staff Writer

In a very short span of time, three of the Democratic Party’s candidates have dropped out of the presidential race.

The first withdrawal came from Pete Buttigieg, nicknamed ‘Mayor Pete’ by many.

Mayor Pete’s reasoning for his withdrawal from the race is heavily correlated to his poor polling.

Buttigieg, who anticipated high polling in South Carolina, had especially low results among the black population there.

Amy Klobuchar also announced her withdrawal from the race. 

Klobuchar was lacking in many aspects of her campaign and was not anticipated to be a major contender.

The third, and most recent, withdrawal comes from Michael Bloomberg.

His withdrawal may come as the biggest surprise, as he has spent a considerable amount of time and money publicizing his campaigns.

All three of the candidates have since come out expressing their support for fellow Democrat Joe Biden in what seems to be an effort to secure a moderate candidate as the Democratic nominee.

Supporters of Buttigieg, Klobuchar, and Bloomberg may be disheartened by this news, but this could be interpreted as a small win for the Democratic Party.

As most people keeping up with politics are aware, the amount of Democratic candidates is disproportionate to the amount of Republicans. 

With fewer democratic candidates in the pool, Democrats are capable of rallying behind a candidate, rather than being spread thin between options.

With the general goal of many Democrats being to defeat Donald Trump, this new sense of unity can be helpful.

On Super Tuesday, Joe Biden’s performance reflected this added support.

Biden won several states, a stark contrast to his poor performance in polling prior to Buttigieg, Klobuchar, and Bloomberg dropping out.

These new advancements establish obvious Democratic front-runners in Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders.

Ideally, under these new conditions, Democrats will place a focus on rallying behind these candidates and manage to defeat Trump in the 2020 election.


UPDATE: Since the publication of this article, Elizabeth Warren has also announced her withdrawal from the presidential race.