The Benefits of NTI


Wolfgang Lonien

Photo courtesy of Creative Commons.

Calei Loy, Staff Writer

The Coronavirus has shown us that there are alternative methods of education. While there are obvious drawbacks to not being able to attend school, there are also benefits. 

Here are some benefits of Non-Traditional Instruction.

You can work at your own pace.

Many of us can relate to the feeling that a teacher is moving too quickly or slowly in class. This can make it difficult to comprehend what we are learning. Non-Traditional Instruction, however, creates an opportunity to review topics as much or as little as needed.

You can create your own schedule.

After the average school day, I would often come home and feel that I didn’t have enough time for leisure activities. In the NTI schedule, I am able to wake up early and do multiple days of work on Monday so that I have more free time throughout the week.

Your teachers are available for help.

Sometimes it can be difficult to make time in class or during PowerHour to speak with teachers when we are struggling with an assignment. The online approach allows students to Email or message teachers via Google Hangouts.

Multi-taskers can thrive.

If you’re anything like me, you like to do multiple things at once. When I do worksheets, I usually have music or a TV show on in the background. Some teachers don’t allow this in class, but through at-home instruction, we can learn in a way that feels most natural to us.

You don’t have to leave your bed.

School desks are not comfortable. By schooling at home, we can truly be as comfortable as we want, even if it means doing school from our beds. (I don’t recommend doing this every day, however, as a change in environment, even from the bedroom to the living room, is good for us.)

We’re allowed time to reflect.

The fast-paced schedule of everyday life can give us a go-go-go mindset. In a time like this, we’re afforded the opportunity to slow down. If regular schooling were still in session, not only would it be incredibly dangerous, but we would not have time to truly process our emotions.


While the Coronavirus has caused lots of heartache, we are lucky that we are still capable of learning, even under unique circumstances.