The Story Of Nova

Alexis Smith, Writer

With all the depressing things happening in our world today, such as the Corona Virus Quarantine, deadly two-inch Asian Hornets, and the multiple rape allegations being presented against Donald Trump and Joe Biden, I thought we could all use a little pick-me-up. This is my new kitten, Nova. She’s about five months old and is a Russian Blue. You can read more about this species of cat at (insert website). She came to my house about two months ago. I was out bowling before the quarantine one Saturday night when my mom called and asked if I could get a cat off of the porch. My mom isn’t really a big fan of animals, so she wanted me to deal with it, although I obviously couldn’t since I was on the other side of town. After I got done, I rushed home to see what all the fuss was about. When I got home, I didn’t see a cat on the porch. Instead, I saw my mom holding the tiniest, gray kitten, which was a little ironic since she doesn’t like animals. The kitten jumped from Mom’s lap to greet me, purring very loudly. “She wouldn’t stop meowing, so I opened the door,” Mom said. ”As soon as I did, she just came in like she owned the place.” 

I picked her up and scratched her ears. She was so comfortable that she almost fell asleep. I took her up to my room since I didn’t know how my other cat would act. Her name is Yuki- Japanese for snow-(she was almost all white when she was a kitten and my brother was taking foreign language classes at the time) and she is a seven-year-old, fat, angry, Siamese cat, and I didn’t want her to hurt the kitten. I gave the kitten some cat food we had and put her on my bed so she could sleep. There was no telling how long she had been outside, how long it had been since she had eaten, and it was extremely cold out that night. She snuggled up next to me, fell asleep, and didn’t wake up until the next morning. 

The next day, I went out to get all the necessities for a kitten, such as a litter box, kitten chow, toys, catnip, and a scratching post. I also looked through multiple cat name lists online to find the perfect name for the little cutie. After searching for a while, my boyfriend found the name Nova, which was perfect since her eyes have a lot of different colors in them, kind of like a galaxy. 

Although she’s cute, she’s a handful. Her species are extremely sassy and are known to be attention hogs. Whenever I leave the room to take a shower, go to the bathroom, or eat, she stays by my bedroom door and screams/ meows as loud as she can to get me to come back.

I don’t think she thinks she’s a cat either. She’ll stand up on her hind legs to look at things she wants, will sit upright like a human, and constantly licks me and anyone else in the house like a dog will. The other night she was lying on my chest and started licking all over my face with her sandpaper tongue. It was sweet, but painful. She’s very loving, playful, and full of energy. I don’t know why she picked my house out of all the other ones in the neighborhood, but I’m glad she did because she’s stolen my heart, as well as my sleep.