Top 10 Memories of High School


Allie Welch

Central Hardin flute section of the 2019-2020 marching band season.

Allison Cundiff, Staff Writer

As my senior year is coming to a close, I wanted to take some time to reminisce on some of my best experiences throughout high school. Narrowing these last four years down to 10 memories was a difficult decision, as these last four years have been amazing. With that said, let’s begin this list!

1. Marching Band

 I obviously couldn’t have made this list without the one thing that took up the most time during high school. Marching band was by far one of the most influential things that got me through high school. It taught me so many life lessons that I can carry with me for the rest of my life. I made so many lifelong friends through this activity and I’m super thankful I participated in it. 

2. Competition Bus Rides 

These bus rides had by far some of the best memories of high school. Every bus ride was different in its own way. Some were quiet as we took the hours long trips out of state. Others were loud with the anticipation of performing or the adrenaline from an amazing run. My last three years of riding with Lilly, Rachael, Kaitlin, and Haylie were some of the best times of my life. We always kept each other busy on these rides. Whether it was passing my iPad between the seats and drawing each other or counting every mistake a driver made on the interstate, it was always a fun time with these girls. 

3. Build-A-Bear Workshop With Kaitlin

This is by far one of the most memorable, yet unexplainable memories on this list. After our last performance of the season in Lucas Oil Stadium in 2019, the band went to the Greenwood Mall in Indiana for lunch. Kaitlin and I had extra time and we went to Build-A-Bear. We ended up building a stuffed elephant and named it Indy-go. The amount of weird looks we got getting back on the bus is what made this experience worth it. 

4. Anatomy with Ms. Blair 

This class was one of my favorite classes during my four years at Central. We had such a tight knit class and it was always fun to be in that class. This “framily” as Ms. Blair would say, never agreed on anything. We had some form of debate at least every other week over things that didn’t even matter. My favorite memory from this class was when we all pitched in some money to surprise Ms. Blair with a gift basket on our last day of class. Everyone gave $2 and one of our classmates went out and bought her some of her favorite goodies. 

5. PowerHour in Sisk’s Room

Sisk’s room during PowerHour was hectic, and it was because of my friends and me. We were probably the loudest group in that room, but it was always a fun time. We’d always debate about what restaurants were better, like comparing Buffalo Wild Wings to Wings and Rings, or Little Caesar’s to Domino’s and Papa John’s. All of us acted like complete children in that room. We all joked and played pranks on each other. As an introverted person who struggled with fitting in, my friends made me feel included and like I belonged.

6. Debates In The Newspaper Room

I couldn’t tell you how many times Ms.Sherrard walked i

n on the debates that happened in the newspaper room. Much like PowerHour in Sisk’s Room, we had  dozens of debates in the Newspaper Room. Sometimes multiple in a class period. We never really resolved these debates, but we always came back together as a group. 

7. Naked Chickens in the Band Room

Upon first glance, this memory’s headline may not make a lick of sense. However, this was probably my best blonde moment in high school. My freshman year, the marching band got new uniforms. There was a chance of rain during our first home football game that year, so Mr. Centers explained the plumes and that we couldn’t wear them because the rain would make the dye in the feathers run. He told us that the company used chicken feathers on the plume to make them look fuller. When he said this, for some odd reason, my freshman mind pictured a plucked,cartoony chicken that was blue. I nearly got in trouble for laughing at this thought, but when I said it out loud, the whole class found it funny. It was difficult to continue playing in class that day.

8. Car Rides with Gracie

These car rides with Gracie were my saving grace this year. On these car rides we would talk about anything we had our minds and vent about what was going on in our lives. These talks always kept me level headed and in a good head space. I’m super thankful for these talks.

9. Making Semifinals at Grand Nationals

My sophomore year, the band made the semi-finals at Bands of America Grand Nationals. At that time, we only made semi-finals at that competition once. Our name was called 35 of 37 semi-finalist groups. This moment made every struggle of that season worth it. When my friends and I heard our name called, we were ecstatic as we hadn’t made semi-finals since 2011.

10. Performing in Lucas Oil Stadium          

Every time we performed in this stadium, it was a different performance. The echo, the crowd, the atmosphere. Everything was different when performing in this stadium. It feels like a once in a lifetime experience every time.   

All in all, my high school experience was amazing. I learned so much about myself through these last four years and I’m so thankful. Thanks for all the memories, Central Hardin.