Capturing Your End of High School Experience


Carlie Clements, Staff Writer

For many high schoolers, being able to look back at photographs and remember their high school experience is very important.

Often students will go even further than the traditional drape/tux and cap/gown pictures that are taken by Lifetouch and put in the yearbook. 

Students can hire photographers from the wide variety that Hardin County has to offer to take their own memorable senior pictures.

These pictures should ideally be taken between the spring of your junior year and the spring of your senior year.

There are many tips and tricks to have the best imaginable pictures.

Location is a very key part to having exceptional photographs. You need to find a location that is both sensible and captures who you are as a person. First of all, anywhere you choose to take your pictures you must ask permission. Many locations may require fees or permits for use.

Our area offers many great locations to take amazing photos. Places like parks, such as Freeman Lake, are great outdoor sceneries for a photoshoot.

You could also take some interesting pictures in historic downtown Elizabethtown. You want your pictures to be interesting, unexpected, and practical.

Using different backgrounds so you don’t have every picture looking exactly the same. You could take pictures at a coffee shop or another local business or restaurant.

Or at the opposite side of the spectrum, you could take pictures in the woods or even your back yard, or an outdoor area like a pumpkin patch in autumn.

You could take some adventurous pictures at one of Kentucky’s amusement parks or the state or county fair.

Just pick a place that fits your personality or is your favorite place to be that also has good lighting. Photos often don’t take well in direct sunlight, we’ve all seen and/or taken photos with squinted or clothes eyes, and no one wants that.

After picking your locations, there are some outfit tips that would help to have a good photo shoot.

First of all, you should wear something you feel comfortable in. If you’re not comfortable,  you most likely won’t be able to be a good model.

You want to look your absolute best for your senior pictures, so use the rule of thumb if it is something you would wear for the first day of school to try and impress new people(as many people do), you should be set.

Avoid the color red or any highlighter colors(neon yellow, orange, green, etc.), as they do not appear very well on camera.

If you are on a sports team and are wearing a uniform,  make sure you bring every piece of it, the same for any accessory you may choose to add in your photoshoot.

The most important thing to remember when getting ready to take your senior photos is to pick a good location, wear something sensible, always ask permission, and just have fun… which is the most important part. 

At the end of the day, If all goes well, you can showcase your photos by purchasing a page in the school yearbook for not only yourself but for everyone to remember and cherish.