Mindful Meditation

Mindful Meditation

Elisea Conto, Staff Writer

Mental health is an important aspect of living a healthy lifestyle. As a student, it is more important than ever to take care of your mind. 

According to NASP(National Association of School Psychologist), “research demonstrates that students who receive social–emotional and mental health support achieve better academically.” 

Student life can be stressful and overpowering for some. Grades and social life can be affected strongly by this. To help with stress, meditation is recommended by health professionals. 

English teacher Danna Pearsall, a certified yoga instructor, also recommends meditation,“Just by taking five minutes a day to clear your mind and try not to focus on anything,” said Pearsall,”gives you clarity to your thoughts.”

Meditation for long periods of time can be extremely difficult for a beginner. There are many apps arising to help. The apps can teach you how to pose and relax your mind for a mindful meditation.

“It is something you have to learn to do. There are also several meditation apps. One that I like is Headspace,”Pearsall advocates.

It is important to take some time out for yourself. High stress and anxiety levels can lead to serious health concerns.

According to Mayo Clinic, “Stress that’s left unchecked can contribute to many health problems, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity and diabetes.”

Students suffer from stress and anxiety daily with homework and tests. Meditation can help you relax and take control of your life. 

“I have anxiety and meditation helps me calm down,”senior Desiree Betlej said,”I enjoy the feeling of the weight leaving me as I breathe and as I inhale, the calmness comes in.”

Not all meditation has to be silent and sitting. Many people do meditation while moving or play relaxing music to help them clear their mind. As a student, you might not have time to sit and relax so this can be beneficial.

 “You don’t  necessarily have to sit and be still to meditate. You can do a moving meditation if that’s what works for you,” Pearsall said.

Simply going on a walk to clear your mind can be considered a starting point for meditation. Students need to take their mental health into serious consideration and meditate as often as they can to improve their mind.