To Whom it May Concern

A letter to students from teachers and a letter to teachers from students.


Lindy Dale, Writer

The following  letters were written by staff member Lindy Dale, based on a poll taken by 150 students and 14 teachers asking how each respective body is doing right now. The letters infer what the students would like the teachers to know and vice versa based upon the information gathered. Letter 1 is addressed to the students. Letter 2 is addressed to the teachers.

Dear Students,

It is safe to say that this school year has been chaotic and unexpected for everyone. We understand your worries and concerns surrounding this new way of living and learning. No student should have to learn this way, but unfortunately safety is vital in this time and we all have to make sacrifices to protect those around us. 

Yes, the masks are unbearable. We despised them too. Yes the new schedule is confusing. We are as lost as you are. We are doing all we can to make this experience the best it can be for everyone.

With that being said there are some things the faculty feels might help you to know:

  1. The A/B schedule is frustrating. We know. Everyday something changes and everyday we worry about your safety. Our top focus right now is giving you the best education we can given the circumstances. Our best in the past is no longer our best now. Between A/B students, OLA students, our families and our general lives we are struggling to keep up with it all. Just like you there are other things going on for us personally. We are doing all we can. Please be patient.
  2. We are sorry for the poor communication. The faculty’s inboxes are constantly being bombarded with information from the principal and the health department on top of the emails we receive from you. All of it is very overwhelming. We are not ignoring you; communication is simply complex at the moment.
  3. Our hearts go out to the student body. You have all been so strong and cooperative during the calamity. We appreciate it so much. Keep up the good work and stay strong.

We care about you. We understand your anxiety. We are here for you. Every generation has that one event that changes your life. This is your event. You are presently living history. You are writing a story that your great-grandchildren will tell. Write them a good one. 

We stand by you,                                                                                                                                                                         Central Hardin High School Faculty

Dear Teachers,

You are probably well aware by now that the student body isn’t having the best time this school year. Everything is so confusing; we have no idea what is expected of us besides maintaining safe social distance. 

We know that you guys are struggling as well and we are thankful for your effort to still teach, but somethings are just insane right now. For example, the hallways. We get the point of having to travel one way but they suck. It takes twice as long to get to classes which takes time away to use the restroom and do other things we may need to during class changes. Another thing is the lack of PowerHour. That time in the middle of the day was so important to us. It gave us time to make up work and relax from the stresses of life with friends.

Now don’t get us wrong somethings are great! Smaller classes are definitely a plus. We really feel connected to our teachers and classes aren’t as intimidating. Not to mention the fact that A/B kids only have to come two days a week and OLA students get to work from the comforts of their home. 

The thing is this time is not easy for us. Some of us have to watch siblings while parents work or take care of sick family members. Needless to say we have been given a lot more responsibility than we are used to. We kindly ask that you keep an open mind when we are struggling to turn in work or can’t make it onto a google meet. We are trying to balance everything and stay mentally stable.

We truly appreciate everything you are doing for us. We know that this time is not easy for you either. 

Thank you,                                                                                                                                                                                    Central Hardin High School Student Body