Is Wednesday School Really As Bad As You Think?

Is Wednesday School Really As Bad As You Think?

Claire Prater, Staff Writer

On Oct. 2, CHHS students received the news via one call that we would be attending school now every other Wednesday. 

Before the announcement, Wednesdays were being used as what many students could call an ¨all-day PowerHour.¨ 

PowerHour in school years prior was an hour a day from 12:01-1:01 used for students to eat lunch and make up tests, get work done, or get extra help. 

When the announcement was first made, myself as well as other students felt annoyed with the idea we would have to not only attend school another day but also that the extra time we could have had going over past material would be gone.

Perhaps the new plan isn’t so bad though. 

I personally had used Wedsdays to my advantage in getting extra help in my Pre Calc class before our first test. My teacher, Vera Priddy, used the time I spent with her to go over past assignments and even let me redo a quiz.  

Initially, many students were under the impression that most teachers would continue teaching new lessons, and most students who were used to having access to a daily period of time for further explanation would feel extremely behind on their work. 

Group A students attended their first Wednesday classes on Oct 14. Many of my friends shared that teachers used this time for makeup work to be completed, answered questions, and cleared up misconceptions about past assignments. 

My friends shared that few, if any, of their teachers taught new material. 

One friend of mine even shared she had caught up on every assignment she was missing and she felt more accomplished and less stressed. 

Most students, even the straight A kids, are still getting used to the new way things are going. Luckily, most teachers are being extremely understanding this year and it has helped out so much. 

This required time students will have with their teachers feels almost like a blessing is disguise and it is a good inclusion to the hybrid schedule this year.