Letter to the Editor: October 4, 2020

Debating Politics in the Twenty-First Century

Clark VanZant, East Hardin 8th Grader

This letter was submitted to The Central Times on Oct. 4, after the first Presidential debate but before the second.

Whenever you first think of politics, you probably think about family debates and arguing about what is right or wrong. The right decision is not talking politics at all if you know the person has different views than you. Now, it seems like if you’re part of a  different party than someone else, you’re the enemy and your views are flat-out wrong. But should it be this way?

Debates should not be as frustrating as they are. When we debate, at first it starts off fine, and then you get to a topic that is controversial, and you start arguing like your worst enemies. But it shouldn’t be like this. Just think about it, we are grown men and women, we act civilized, but when it comes to politics, it turns into a madhouse. We should act more civilized and actually have a discussion, not a debate, because mostly, debates turn into debacles. We should have an open discussion and be mindful of other people’s opinions. Political views shouldn’t break friendships, and neither should debates. If you have different political views than someone, just don’t bring politics up and talk about other things, like sports or school.

Whenever someone brings up politics, I think Oh no, but I like watching debates, as long as they’re civilized. You probably watched the first Presidential debate, and I’m sure 99% of people thought This was a disaster. To be honest, it was.  Nothing was accomplished, and they just argued and argued until it was over. “That was a hot mess inside a dumpster fire inside a train wreck,” said Jake Tapper from CNN, and to be honest, I have to agree with him. After I saw that debate. I thought, Is this the best we have right now? and I still stand by that. That debate was just a disaster. Every person should be ashamed of what got accomplished, and the answer was nothing. See, that’s  what happens when you don’t have a civilized debate, and I’m sure you see that a lot. That should be an example of why you should have a civilized debate, and not have a debacle.