There’s a Canine in the Building!

Theres a Canine in the Building!

Carlie Clements, Staff Writer

You may have seen a puppy on October 29th and/or 30th in or near Jayna Thompson’s classroom.

The young puppy’s name is Sassy, and she is a Golden Retriever and Besla mix. Sassy is the puppy of the mother and father that Thompson also owns.

Thompson teaches vet science and in the next trimester will teach science technology. Having a live animal to work with, such as a puppy, is very beneficial to the students’ ability to learn in these classes.

Students learn how to take the pulse of a dog, to take a dog’s temperature, and to determine if a dog is breathing properly.

The students will also learn how to determine if a dog is a healthy weight for its breed and size.

For Sassy’s specific breed it is healthy to see the dog’s ribs a slight bit, if you cannot the dog is being overfed.

Thompson’s students also learn how to draw blood from a dog, as well as trimming the dog’s nails.

She will be an excellent temperament dog, making her a good family dog, but also a great watchdog even though she is not suspected to become a very large adult dog.

Sassy is a very active dog and “has been great therapy for all those who have seen her during her time at Central Hardin,” said Thompson.