Luna By Julie Peters Review

Elisea Conto, Staff Writer

An emotional roller coaster between two siblings. Luna by Julie Peters is a fiction novel targeting a teen audience. This novel brings awareness towards the LGBTQ+ community .


The novel is told through Regan, the protagonist, who has a secret to keep. She longs for a normal life.


Liam, who’s formally known as Luna, struggles to be what they are inside. Since birth Luna has known she was a girl. Only Regan has known this secret.


The novel opens the discussion of how much support is needed to find the courage to be yourself. Suicide and mental health is mentioned throughout the story which adds more to how draining it can be to be transgender. 


Although this novel is all about Luna’s story, it is told through Regan’s perspective. This is very interesting because you get to see the effect not only for the person to be transgender but what the people around them must feel also. 


Luna takes your heart from the very first page. It’s very rare to get the rawness from such a novel. You feel like you are really there in the story watching the events unfold.


When first reading the novel you get sucked in and can’t get out. Undoubtedly, the best LGBTQ+ novel I have read. Luna’s character alone stole the story for me.


Luna is brave, beautiful, and throughout the novel grows into something even more. The novel took my breath away with all the emotions that consumed me. One moment you are laughing and then the next moment you are crying.


Regan is even more of a character. Her sarcastic remarks and caring attitude steals the show. Her horrible acts to flirt always leaves you reading with a smile of encouragement. 


Both Luna and Regan are symbols for the LGBTQ+ community. It’s very heartwarming to see Regan’s acceptance for Luna.


The LGBTQ+ community needs acceptance now more than ever. Novels that bring awareness to the community really help. I enjoyed this read and recommend it to anyone who wants a couple of tears and a smile.