4 Video Game Suggestions for Quarantine


Elisea Conto, Staff Writer

This pandemic has been a struggle for all of us. We were shoved into this without warning. Many of us are struggling to not harm an annoying brother or sister who we can’t escape from.


Throughout this never ending quarantine, I had to get creative for a way to be interactive with anyone who doesn’t share the same blood as me. 


For me, it was video games. Now, I’m not a video addict but during this pandemic, I have begun to have a change of heart for a couple of games. 


Covid 19 has made it a struggle to have a connection with anyone but playing these games together can help. It can be stress free and give your mind a break from school work and family. 


This is the time to share laughs and smile. Lately, there seems less to smile about nowadays. Game play with your friends seems to bring you together so you don’t feel so lonely.


You can also play these games with your family if you have run out of puzzles to complete. JackBox or Among us would be perfect for a family game night of fun and laughter.


Although family and friends are important, making time for yourself is key. You need space to relax and have time in silence. Here are some suggestions for games to lift your spirits while interacting with others.




First, let’s start with Discord. Discord is a must in some games as it gives you the opportunity to discuss and have fun with your friends. 


Discord also allows you to explore public servers. You can find people from all over the world who have the same things in common with you. I realized that social interactions with actual human beings can keep you sane. 


Through Discord, you can play games and communicate. This is really helpful for games you have to be responsive in.


Among Us


My favorite to play is Among Us. This game is recommended for all ages as it has simple tasks to do.


The object of Among Us is to find who the imposter is. During the game time you must do tasks and once a body is discovered you will unmute your mic and discuss who could be the imposter. 


The term to know is “you are lookin kinda sus,” which ultimately means you are being suspicious. This is not a positive thing because you might get voted off and lose. At all cost, try to look as innocent as you can throughout the game.


Now, I know a lot of people don’t have laptops or PCs and during this pandemic money is tight. Discord and Among Us is available on any type of device. So, you can still enjoy time with your friends no matter what.




To continue, most local places are closed considering the pandemic has only got worse. So being able to be with your social group is difficult.


JackBox, an online game, really helps fill that void. JackBox is a party game, considering you can have a large number of players.


Quiplash, Fibbage, Drawful and Trivia Murder Party are the most common games to play. They are games that put your humor to the test. The winner is normally the funniest one.


 The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild


A game I really like to play while having a relaxing time by myself is The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. This game is a RPG game that leads you on an adventure you will never forget. 


This game is only on the Nintendo Switch console. It is a big investment but the experience is worth it. 


The game is set 100 years after Calamity Ganon had taken control of Hyrule. Link, the main character you will play, will travel long distances to collect all divine beasts to defeat Ganon once in for all. Link was in a long slumber before awakening and has to collect his memories from 100 years before also.


In general, the game itself is beautiful. You can freely travel wherever you want and you get to see beautiful views. The graphics and animation is well made and are enjoyable. 


This game allows me to forget about the outside world and relax. There’s a million things to do in the game so you will never be bored.


Through this pandemic we have seen the worst of the worse. Video games are helping with the anxiety and fear people are being overtaken by. 


Feel free to leave a comment below on your favorite games to play during quarantine!