Understanding Each Other Culturally

Understanding Each Other Culturally

Carlie Clements, Staff Writer

All over the globe, people have different histories, traditions, and idealisms that all make up their culture. Understanding and being able to cooperatively work and communicate with people from various cultures can be very key to being a well-rounded individual.

Understanding other’s cultures and ways of life are very important, and there are things you can do to expose yourself to different cultures, allowing you to gain a greater understanding and respect for them.

The most important thing when learning new things is to always be open-minded to new and different ideas and ways of doing things and be respectful to the subject, and in this case the people and culture you are learning about.

Know Your Own History

Before you try to embrace a culture other than your own you need to first understand what your own culture is and what you believe. To understand how other religions, people, and cultures work you first need to completely understand yourself in that way.

You can learn more about the culture of your own home town by going to museums such as Hardin County History Museum and check out different tourist attractions at https://www.touretown.com/ to learn more about the culture of where you’re from, you can also take the Kentucky studies class here at Central.

Try New Foods

Food is crucial for all human existence and for that reason is very important culturally.

Sampling foods from different cultures can give you insight into them. The cuisine is a huge part of each culture, and even though food practices have changed in our modern-day world, food continues to be one of the uniting factors for people around the world.

Explore Other Holidays

Another way you can embrace other cultures is by celebrating them and their holidays.

You may not believe what others do but understanding what they believe and how they celebrate their beliefs can be important to be able to truly understand a person.


Travel is one of the most effective ways to learn about different cultures.

When you travel you have new experiences, meet new people, and do things that are completely out of the normal from your usual lifestyle. For this reason, travel allows you to have a greater understanding, not only about other cultures but also about how the world works and makes you understand that everything and everyone is all a little different in their own way.

If you just prefer to be in the comfort of your home or you need to stay there due to other reasons, such as a global pandemic, you can utilize some virtual travel and history experiences from the comfort of your own home. All you have to do is type in your search bar and you’ll find a multitude of different options for virtual travel, even just looking through google earth exposes you to new and different places.

Take Classes

You can also take classes that expose you to other cultures such as Spanish, French, and German language classes, as well as greek and roman mythology, which are all offered at Central Hardin.

Enjoying culture from different areas of the globe is a great way to introduce yourself to the ways of different groups of people.

Watch and Read New Material

Check out foreign films, many can be found on Netflix, attend a local food festival, or search for some online resources. Search different genres of music on any listening platform and you can listen to music from all around the world.

One way to expose yourself to other ways of life is to adopt a practice of reading books written by different people from different cultures, which helps you learn numerous facts about the culture and allow you to identify with it better.

There are various books in our school library, virtual library, public library, and book store that are all about different corners of the world and the people that live in those places you can utilize.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask

The best way to understand people and the ways they do things is simply by asking questions.

Some people may not, but in most cases, people are glad to explain their culture and different aspects of it if you ask respectfully.

Having a one on one interaction with people from diverse cultures helps you hear and understand their ways of living. Use this opportunity to ask questions you may have about the culture, and teach them everything they want to know, to not only learn about their culture but they can also learn about yours.

Importance of Exposure

Being more aware and exposing yourself to other cultures allows you to be able to better communicate with all different types of people and appreciate them.

Understanding each other makes you have a greater understanding that we’re not all so different after all, and creates opportunities to meet new people, have new experiences, stimulates your mind, and helps to eliminate divisions and stereotypes in our world.

This will help incoming generations be more open-minded and understanding of each other, promoting the overall health of humanity.