Capturing Your High School Experience in a Quote

Senior Quotes are important to the high school experience, 2021 seniors choose yours by Friday, February 12th!


Carlie Clements, Staff Writer

Senior year is your time to commemorate and complete your high school experience, and writing a senior quote is part of that.

Your senior quote should be about you and your time in high school, your senior quote should be something very personalized and individualized.

There are several different ways that you can create a senior quote to fit your personal experience, whether that’s by telling a joke, sharing a memory, or by copying one of your own personal favorite quotes.

Multiple quotes seem to be used quite often in yearbooks around the country, but you should always try to be original and capture your own high school experience, whether than capturing every high school student’s typical experience.

Some of the typically used quotes you should avoid if you want to be original are, “Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow, It’ll soon be here, I’m outta here! See you guys later!, or See you all at the 10-year reunion!,” said

Senior, Brooklyn Terry said that she plans to make a senior quote that represents her friendship with her best friend and is doing so with some of their favorite song lyrics.

Any music or specific lyrics are great ways to explain your high school experience whether it may be a song that you listen to constantly or something that you really identify with as a student, as long as the information is school-appropriate.

Senior, Taylor Jones said, “I think what makes a good senior quote is putting personality into it. Make your senior quote yours! Don’t stress about trying to make it perfect, this is your senior year make the best of it.”

Personal mottos or phrases that you follow or live by are good subjects to use for a quote. If you are religious you can use lines of scripture or spiritual wisdom, this can be any religion you are involved in or believe in.

Senior, Conner Polk has chosen a lighter comical senior quote, “I’m a pretty good writer myself you know,” he said.

Comical quotes are a great way to make your classmates laugh and show your personality.

Inside jokes are also quite popular as they symbolize an event during and person’s time in high school often including several classmates.

In past years at Central Hardin, many quotes have been dedicated to those who were lost before they could complete their journey. This is a great way to show your respect and also remember those people in the future.

Inspirational quotes are a great idea as they may brighten someone’s day as they flip through the yearbook. Anything uplifting and positive is acceptable for a senior quote.

Quotes dedicated to a significant other should be avoided as situations may change in the future because though you may be hopeful, “99 out of 100 people eventually break up with their high school flames,” said The

Your life will most likely change quite dramatically and you don’t necessarily want a quote that will remind you of what once was.

Bill Simmons, the sports columnist, said on, “If you can help it, avoid picking any quote from a band that might not be around in 10 years.”

While you might think that phrase or band might be super cool at the moment, most likely it will diminish with time and you’ll be stuck having to explain it every time you show someone your yearbook.

“Choosing a senior quote can be hard, just another item on your to-do list after applying to college and such, but don’t worry,” said BHSU Unleashed.

Don’t dwell on your quote choice for too long as you will doubt yourself, just find something that fits you and use it.

Make sure your senior quote is what you want to see in your yearbook forever, think about your whole experience in high school and if the quote represents that time in your life.

​Senior quotes for the class of 2021 must be completed through Google or the Google app with your student email address to submit. Quotes are due no later than Friday, February, 12th. They can be completed with this link,

You can then share your quote with friends or leave them in suspicion for a surprise at the end of the school year.

One more of the many senior activities and tasks completed leading to the end of high school and the begging of your life.