Senior Activities Announcement

Answers to common questions surrounding the senior agenda.


Principal Tim Isaacs on Feb. 23 during an informational Facebook Live about senior activities

Lindy Dale, Writer

On Feb. 23, principal Tim Isaacs went on Facebook Live to address questions concerning senior events such as graduation, prom, and senior night. He gave plenty of answers to questions that the class of 2021 has been dying to know. 

Below are answers to common questions regarding each of these events.


Will there be a prom?

“The reality is I don’t see a circumstance and none of us see a circumstance where things are gonna relax enough where we can put 5 or 600 of you. into a room where you’re all crowded together on a dance floor.”

Although this is a disappointment to the class of 2021, the administration in partnership with the senior class council has come up with an alternative event which they are calling “Seniors Under the Stars.”

 What is Seniors Under the Stars?

Seniors Under the Stars will be a catered, outdoor, formal dinner that will take place on May 8th on the lawn at EC3. The event will be limited to CHHS seniors to keep numbers to a minimum. 

 “We feel like being outside will be a much safer environment. You will be able to sit at tables with some of your friends,” Isaacs said. 

There will not be a traditional dance floor; however, the event will have a DJ as well as a “red carpet” where a professional photographer will be able to take pictures for guests.

This will also be the night that senior superlatives are acknowledged.

Despite the fact that this event is not the prom the seniors were expecting, the administration is working hard to make it a special night full of decorations, music, and friends. It is promised to be memorable and entirely unique to the class of 2021 with a special ending to the night that has not yet been revealed.

Will there be a ticket cost?

In the past, prom tickets were included in senior dues; however, because no one was sure if an event like this was even going to be possible, tickets were not included this year.

Tickets will cost $25 and will have a fairly strict deadline for payment (to be determined later) so that the caterers can have a solid idea of how many people will be attending.



How are we doing graduation?

Graduation will be in two parts this year: an in person ceremony with the entire senior class and a seperate day to walk the line similar to last year.

The in person ceremony will take place during one of the last days of school. Seniors will gather in the big gym and be spaced six feet apart. It will consist of the usual speeches, performances and scholarship recognitions.

Students will walk the line to receive their diplomas on a separate day. 

“We’re going to pick a slot of about 12 hours… and we will do the individual walking across the stage, similar to what we did last year,” Isaacs explained. 

Last year seniors were assigned a day based on their last name to come and walk the line. The entire event took place over many days and was completely outdoors. This year, however, the event will take place indoors so that students are not tied to the weather. Seniors will be able to sign up for a time slot to come in and walk the line.

Both events will be recorded, and students will wear their cap and gown.


Is there a day for graduation yet?

There is no set date for graduation just yet. The board of education has yet to decide. Students will be informed as soon as possible of the graduation day.


Can students decorate their caps?

Caps can be decorated but designs will have to be approved by administration.

There will be no cost to decorate the caps.


Senior Night

Are we going to get a senior night?

There will not be a traditional senior night; however, the administration is working on having a drive-in movie before we go to spring break. 

The drive-in would be in the school parking lot and just like a traditional drive-in where you tune into a radio channel to hear the sound. 

If you have not already, go to the senior website and take the poll on whether or not you are interested in this event.


If you have further questions on senior activities, contact senior sponsor April York or principal Tim Isaacs, and continue to check the senior website as well as your school email for updates.

“Don’t focus on what you’re missing out on, try to focus on the things we can possibly do that will give you that lasting memory and the thing you’ll look back on in 15 years,” Isaacs encouraged.

Seniors, take advantage of every opportunity you are being given to make a memorable last trimester for yourself. Our teachers have been putting every effort into sending you out with a bang and gathering you as a class before you leave to start your new lives. 


Senior Sponsor April York: [email protected]

Principal Tim Isaacs: [email protected]