Welcome to My ‘Ted Talk’ About Character Development After NTI

Kenzie Stambaugh, Staff Writer

The new school year rolls around once again. It took us so long to get here. No one is the same as before. I can’t lie to you. Before COVID, I didn’t even notice some people existed. Don’t be offended by that. We have new eyes. Our perception is wide open. The change nulled what we thought we were, but now we rise and stand tall. Things look slightly alive again. Welcome to living.


I don’t remember you. You’ve evolved. Wow! You’ve got a new style. It looks great on you. New hobbies too? Even better. What did you learn? Can’t think of anything right away? That’s okay. I’ll go first. I’m really good at spending money. 


During the days of the pandemic, I picked up a guitar, and by no means am I good at it. No, not yet but I’m getting there. I enjoy the sound it makes, so that’s all that matters. I revisited the piano too. I think that’s still my favorite by far. Although I’ve been skating since I was young, it still makes me feel alive. I like cameras too. Call me basic for chasing that sunset, and staring at the way that flower looks by that tree, but I’ll keep them in a lock box for safe keeping. We’ll look back on them three years from now and remember when we were kids having fun and seeking adventure. After a time when we were secluded, we must paint the picture and reflect on ourselves again. 


Things must get worse before they get better. By no shape or form are the struggles associated with COVID over. I wish I could give you an expiration date, but right now there is none to be found. While all this goes on, you will find yourself. Whether we’re ready or not, we have no choice. I’ve got plans, I am ready. There is no guarantee that this part of life is here to stay or go within the next few years. This may be a game, but we have to enjoy what’s here while we have it.


I can’t lie to you, I’m frustrated. These masks make me break out, and quite frankly they cover the best feature of my face. I promise there’s a smile under there every once in a while. This time is in history, soon enough we will be able to tell our children we were the kids of that past. They’ll look up to us when this occurs again and ask what we did to survive. We’ve accomplished a lot, even by just doing the bare minimum. There is so much to be proud of. 


Time is adaptive. You can change things in your life to make room for what is ready for you. So while we take safety precautions, find what makes you feel alive. Go for a walk around town. Find a new place to get coffee. Go for a drive, somewhere you’ve never been before. Listen to new music, there’s lots of good vibes out there. For god’s sake, please find people that are good for your mental health. At this time, everything counts.