Falling Back Into Fashion

A Guide To Fall-Style Fashion Concepts That Are Catching My Eye in 2021


Hanna Grass

Senior Claire Prater and juniors Maggie Phelps and Lilly Keith posing in their fall outfits (Oct. 13)

Hanna Grass, Writer

As the weather becomes crisp and the leaves change hues, 2021 attire too is adapting from summer styles to fall fashion. This year has provoked new perspectives and creativity in the way we dress, along with incorporating aspects of vintage or more accessible items.

This summer, closets were filled with bold prints and bustier tops, knitwear and y2k jewelry, halter tops and hats, and so much more. The season of autumn welcomes longer sleeves and layering, opening up a whole new chapter of how everyone, specifically teens, can express themselves through their dress.

To start things off and help establish a common theme throughout the fall 2021 trends, acknowledging the comeback of ’90s fashion is a must.

In nearly every aspect of this year’s popular fashion choices, hints or direct references to the 1990s wear is blatantly apparent. From head to toe, bucket hats to square-toed boots, the decade of pop culture serves as great outfit inspiration.

Furthermore, collared or mock neck tops paired with skater style pants, slip dresses with a unique color or pattern, and cardigan sets, oftentimes cropped, are a few other specific examples of some 1990s-influenced fashion trends this season. Stepping out in an over sized blazer for a more business-like look has even proved itself popular, dating all the way back twenty years to Cher Horowitz’s iconic yellow plaid blazer made famous in the 1995 movie Clueless. It seems this preppy look has made an easy revival and can be added to so many different combinations of looks in a wardrobe, making it quite the versatile piece.

Speaking of outfit additions, the concept of layering is really topping charts this 2021 as it has in previous years. Layering is such a broad area of fashion, it’s hard to imagine a world of dress without it! However, when focusing on these up and coming fall months, it’s not just a basic oversized October with cozy cardigans and jean jackets.

This season’s layering trends incorporate graphic tees over a fitted long sleeve or turtleneck. It adds depth and shows you put a little extra thought in what you put on that morning. You can experiment by putting, say, a spaghetti strap dress over a basic white long sleeve to try something new and utilize items in your closet you would usually skip right over when the temperatures dip. Layering can be so much fun and this fall is the perfect time to take advantage of such an easy to embrace trend.

Finally, we are obligated to address the timeless category of yes, you guessed it, denim. Denim is a fabric that has been around since the mid-19th century and has continued to expand its possibilities in the growing world of fashion. A classic pair of jeans can never go out of style and the number of different fits seems to only grow wider in variety.

Skinny jeans have had their prime, but it seems that the autumn 2021 is a season of older, vintage style fits. Mom jeans, flares, bootcut, boyfriend jeans and straight-cut have seemed to slide right back into the title of trendy. These styles were once at their heightened popularity in the late ’80s and throughout the ’90s, and as we know, such decades are rising right back up on the fashion spectrum.

A looser fitting pair of jeans is not only a comfortable option of pants, but also can be paired with a belt to cinch your waist or a slimmer fitted top to create a more curvy silhouette. The era of tight, constricting, denim bottoms overall seems to be on the decline.

Furthermore, this same concept applies to denim jackets where the once popular short, shrunken look ruled the industry in the ’80s. Now however, a much more oversized, thickly fabricated jean jacket is often the preferred choice. Pairing this warm, fashionable layer with denim on bottom or a more comfortable option such as leggings, has created a casual and classic look anyone can rock.

Fall of 2021 has so many aspects of fashion that step out of the box and open our eyes to new combos of items people may have never dared to try say a few years ago. Some other popular trends noted within the Gen-Z generation include:

  • Funky/Printed Pants
  • Mid and Maxi Length Skirts
  • Platform Boots, Sneakers, and Sandals
  • Graphic Tops
  • Tote Bags
  • Chunky Jewelry
  • Claw Clips

All things considered, fall fashion in 2021 is all about self-expression and comfort. When a cooler and crisp atmosphere creeps around the corner, it’s all about finding an outfit that makes you feel confident and accessible in whatever endeavors your day holds. If loving what you are wearing is important to you, go all out and make it a part of your day that you enjoy. Express yourself; fashion can be art! That being said, if you don’t like or don’t want to follow a popular trend, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Dressing yourself is not supposed to be something that causes pressure or stress. Do and wear what feels comfortable to you!