A Recollection of Harry Styles Love on Tour

Our School Night in Stinky Stinky Nashville


Maggie Phelps

Harry Styles at the Bridgestone Arena on Sept.29

Maggie Phelps and Lilly Keith

Some of you may have heard about the fashion show that took place in downtown Nashville on Sept. 29; Harry Styles even attended it. The Harry Styles concert drew in a crowd of 30,000 attendees who were there for him, but also for the iconic fashion choices made by their fellow peers. At least we were. 

Before the concert, we had to prepare our bodies for the extreme amount of dancing they would have to endure, so we had to find some food. Our pre-concert meal consisted of some burgers (one veggie burger) from the fabulous restaurant owned by Luke Bryan: Luke’s 32 Bridge. Who would have thought that the huntin’, fishin’, and lovin’ everyday man would supply a veggie burger? One of the most exciting aspects of the restaurant was the rooftop bar. 

We were so excited to sit above Nashville while enjoying Luke’s burgers, but after our treacherous hike up the 500 dimly lit stairs to the roof, we were disheartened when they told us it was only a sushi bar, and refused to serve us. (The waiter was actually really pleasant, no beef there — or in the veggie burger). 

Our arrival at the Bridgestone arena was tantalizing. Our hearts were racing, our senses overloaded, especially our sense of smell. The least exciting aspect of the journey was the exposure to the vile smell that is downtown Nashville. We would not recommend breathing in that horrid air. 

Before our glorious entrance into the arena, we approached the merch line set up outside of the arena to spend even more money on our British idol.  Emptying out our pockets has never felt so good.

Harry’s merch has always been a show stopping piece of art, Met Gala worthy even.  He knows exactly what his fans need: another $45 t-shirt with an awkward picture of his face on it.  Yes, all of our dreams came true.

Then we took the long awaited elevator ride up to our landing deck.  Our fellow crew members on this ride were carrying a large sign with them.  Upon inquiring about the details, we came to find out that the sign read, “My mom got divorced for you.”  To this day, we are unsure what to do with that information. 

The opening act consisted of a man attached to a thin black wire slowly ascending to the speakers above. We believe this was a recreation of the “Sign of the Times” music video where Harry basically did the same thing, just with a better outfit on.

Sadly, we had to wait an hour and a half for a single soul to appear on the stage. Then suddenly, opening act Jenny Lewis took the stage in a suit adorned with what we believed to be Japanese Maple Leaves on a white background (shout out to Ms. Cooke from our East Hardin days for supplying us with this knowledge) with decorative fringe placed on the sleeves. 

Jenny’s songs had a pop-country vibe to them, which we thoroughly enjoyed. Though we appreciated her good tunes, her sense of direction was way less appreciated.  Despite playing in the round for 12 shows prior to ours, you’d think her ability to move around the stage would improve.  We were set ablaze when this proved to be incorrect as we never saw her face during her hour long set. 

We were taken aback when we saw a Harry-sized box roll out of the arena and shoved underneath the stage.  To the naked eye, it would appear that this was just a black storage container; however, to the trained eye of a Harry fan, we all knew that the British lad would appear on stage at any given moment.

When the lights were turned off, everyone went absolutely feral. We lost our sense of hearing and were cursed by a constant ringing in our ears until the very next morning. 

We were able to maintain ourselves until the sparkly fruit man arose from beneath the stage.  For a moment we began to wonder if our eyes were deceiving us; then we came to the profound revelation that he was not wearing suspenders. He was, in fact, wearing a SUIT! This gave us a sense of nostalgia, an homage to the first tour of custom suits in comparison to the glamorized school boy attire, paired with suspenders. 

This was a glorious occasion.  

After we stopped crying over the suit, we mistakenly thought we had been transported to the Amazon as the sound of birds echoed through the arena. The opening of “Golden” had begun playing.

Our ears were absolutely delighted when we heard the delectable sounds as he began to sing songs from his debut masterpiece, the self titled album.  (That says a lot about your ego, Mr. Styles).  Our ears were then severely saddened and disappointed as we did not get to hear “To Be So Lonely.”  He should start getting used to being lonely as the arenas of his next tour will be empty due to the lack of “To Be So Lonely” content. 

When the song “Watermelon Sugar” came on, we sweetly sang along to all of the words of what the radio believes is the only Harry Styles song in existence. You know, the Billboard #1 hit for approximately 20 weeks during 2020. Other older attendees of the concert may recognize him from the film Dunkirk.

We really started flailing about when “Woman” and “Only Angel” blasted throughout the arena. We’re surprised we didn’t break a finger while knocking our palms together. Honorable mentions include “Kiwi,” when the man absolutely went berserk, as well as everything that is “Cherry,” a masterpiece of work that had the most beautiful beginning we’ve ever heard; the first words of the song echoing throughout an almost completely silent crowd was the most ethereal thing we’ve ever experienced. 

We are positive that the middle aged man sitting in front of us was not appreciative of our hair whipping and violent screaming, as he remained in his seat the whole time. He was not a fan of the guy from One Direction. 

Many people would consider the announcement of your child’s gender to be a personal and private moment; however, one woman decided to spend this special moment with Harry Styles…and 30,000 other people. 

As the sparkly man pranced around the stage holding the baby’s documents in his hands, he became very mischievous. The evil man began to drag out the suspense of the moment and we were long awaiting the announcement. 

To the sound of ominous music, it was announced that the woman would be having a baby girl.  We could tell that he was very fond of the idea of a little Harriet. (Once again, that ego must be huge). 

After the explicitly stated encore, the little lad scurried off of the stage in quite a mighty rush and disappeared into the abyss, which was our que to run for our lives. 

The streets felt like a maze as we desperately tried to navigate the crowded streets of Nashville. As we trotted down the boa feather filled stinky streets of Nashville, our hairy journey to the seemingly empty parking garage left our feet in complete disarray. 

The dreamlike night was coming to an end, leaving an impression on our minds that we will never forget. Harry, thank you for making our night Golden.