What Clubs Are Right for You?

As you plan ways to become more involved in your high school environment, you might need a little more information about the clubs offered. Take a look at this alphabetized list when making your decisions.

Art Club: 

  • Art Club is for students that want to create art for the school, themselves, or the community. Some of the upcoming events include a t-shirt designing contest and many other local art contests. 
  • Sponsor: Art teacher Antonio Menendez 
  • Meetings: Second Wednesday of each month. 
  • Dues: $15 by November 10. 
  • Who should join: Any student enrolled in art class or interested in art.

Beta Club:

  • Beta Club is a national service organization in which students practice leadership through the 4 pillars of Beta; Achievement, Character, Leadership and Service.
  • Sponsors: English teachers Lindsey Corley, Angela Cannon, and Kayla Ernst
  •  Meeting: Third Friday of every month during FLEX in the big gym.
  •  Dues and Requirements: Students must meet and keep a minimum GPA requirement to apply to be in Beta Club every year. Cost for new members can vary, but is usually $25. Cost for returning members is $10.
  •  Who should join: Students who maintain high academic standards and who want to be involved in serving their school and community should consider becoming a Beta.

 Drama Club:

  • The drama club performs two shows, a musical, and a play, they have guest speakers and have community speakers. 
  • Sponsor: English teacher Sarah Dakin
  • Meetings: Almost every Thursday during FLEX and sometimes after school for rehearsals. 
  • Dues: No dues.
  • Who should join: Any students who have experience, but aren’t required, special education, being able to teamwork and put in work.

Educators Rising: 

  • Educators Rising prepares students for their future careers in teaching. Members will learn techniques and get experience as an accomplished teacher before college and will get recognized as student leaders and as advocates for education. Members also get the chance to participate in competitions to prove themselves as professionals and to attend conferences to network with. 
  • Sponsor: FACS teacher Jo Million 
  • Meetings: Second Friday of each month. 
  • Dues: No dues. 
  • Who should join: Any student interested in pursuing a career in education.

Executive Council:

  • Students on Executive Council lead different school activities, drives, Homecoming, open houses, and talent shows.
  • Sponsor: Social Studies teacher James Sisk
  • Meetings: Whenever an activity is nearing or whenever is necessary.
  • Dues: No “dues,” just fees for events.
  • Who should join: Students who are willing to help, work well with others, upperclassmen, trustworthy, and are self-sufficient.

Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA): 

  • The purpose of FCCLA is putting family first. It is a student-run organization that gives students leadership opportunities through leadership training, two regional meetings each year, and competitive events. 
  • Sponsors: FACS teachers Jeanice Charlton, Leslie Lewis and Jo Million
  • Meetings: Lewis’ room every second to last Wednesday of the month.
  • Dues: $20 to be a national member. Allows students to travel. 
  • Who should join: Club is open to anyone who has had at least one FACS class in high school. 

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA):

  • FCA is a service club based on Christian principles encouraging students in their faith to boost other students by encouraging them as well. 
  • Sponsor: English teacher Paul Gray
  • Meetings: Every other Friday before school at 8:00 a.m.
  • Dues: No dues
  • Who should join: Any students interested in digging deeper in their Christian faith and that want to be a positive encouragement to other students.

French Club:

  • French Club allows students to learn more about the cultures from French Speaking countries around the world. Members learn about holidays and the history of these countries, try food from the culture, make crafts, and learn songs. 
  • Sponsor: French teacher Christine Wilson
  • Meetings: 3rd Wednesday of each month in room 313.
  • Dues: $5 before the next meeting on Oct. 20. 
  • Who should join: Any students interested in learning about the French culture and people and you don’t necessarily have to be in French class to join. 

Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA): 

  • FBLA attends a regional conference each spring where members can compete in many business-related activities and students that place in the top 3 at region qualify to go to the state conference in April. 
  • Sponsor: Business teacher Dan Townsend
  • Meetings: Once or twice a month in room 203.
  • Dues: $15 by Dec. 3.
  • Who should join: Any students interested in careers in the business field. 

Future Farmers of America (FFA):

  • FFA is a club that competes in a variety of competitions such as land judging, livestock judging, speech contests, SAE showcases, and essay contests.
  • Sponsors: Ag teachers Jayna Thompson, Adam Sanderson, and Rachel Wilson
  • Meetings: Monthly meetings in the library during FLEX.
  • Dues: $25
  • Who should join: Anyone enrolled in an agriculture class and has an interest in science, the environment, mechanics, plants, animals, vet science, woodworking, welding, community service, biology, or floral design. 

Game Club: 

  • Game Club includes card games, video games, board games, and role-playing games. Some activities include a role-playing event and a Guitar Hero tournament. The next video game event is Smash Brothers. 
  • Sponsor: Art teacher Antonio Menendez 
  • Meetings: Third Wednesday of each month during FLEX.
  • Dues: $10 by November 17.
  • Who should join: Any students interested in any type of game.


  • The German Club celebrates German culture and holidays, auf Deutsch when possible. This is a student-run club and the officers are the initiators of the activities
  • Sponsor: German teacher Colleen Higdon
  • Meetings: Every third Thursday during FLEX.
  • Dues: $5.00 by October 21.
  • Who should join: Any student that has already taken or is currently taking German.

Green Team:

  • The Green Team does energy audits. Members try to educate school students and staff about energy usage and how to lower those energy uses.
  • Sponsor: English teacher Carissa Argueta
  • Meetings: Every Wednesday during FLEX and after school from 3:30- 4:30.
  • Dues: No dues.
  • Who should join: Any student who is self-motivated and responsible.

Pep Club:

  • Pep Club is driven by students with school spirit who spread the word about CHHS events such as pep rallies, sports games, spirit week, etc. 
  • Sponsor: Science teacher Leann Blair
  •  Meetings: Room 136 at least once a month
  •  Dues: $10 due this Friday
  • Who should join: Pep Club President Cara Maisel said, “Students who like to be or are wanting to be active within the school, like to attend sporting events, want to put themselves out there more. Really this club I believe can be for everyone and anyone. It is a good way to make new friends, stay involved, even help students become more social. When you go to these games you have something in common with everyone else there. I think students who may be hesitant to go to sporting events because they may not feel like they have someone to go with, if they are in the club then they may feel more comfortable seeing a familiar face or being easily able to find someone who is also interested in going. It is a great way to easily stay active in your high school years and come out with great experiences.” 

Science Olympiad:

  • The Science Olympiad team is an academic competition team. Members prepare for competitions that include activities like written tests, and engineering projects.
  • Sponsor: Science teacher Kimberly Gibson
  • Meetings: Every third Friday of the month during FLEX.
  • Dues: The cost of the competition ($10- $20).
  • Who should join: Any student who is interested in academic competition or who wants to add to their educational resume.


  • Spectrum Club is our LGBTQ+ club (this includes allies). Members work on projects that make CHHS a welcoming environment to all.
  • Sponsor: Science teacher Kimberly Gibson
  • Meetings: Every third Friday of the month.
  • Dues: No dues.
  • Who should join: Any student who wants to ensure CHHS is a safe and accepting school for all.

Speech and Debate:

  • In Speech and Debate students engage in public speaking competitions and compete against students from other high schools throughout Kentucky. 
  • Sponsor: Science teacher Jared Eaton
  • Meetings: Practice is after school on Tuesdays until 5:00
  • Dues: $100, and that pays for entry into every tournament and regional competition.  Money is due before competition in a tournament can occur.
  • Who should join this club: We are looking for students who enjoy public speaking or want to improve at public speaking, enjoy competition, and are positive and encouraging to one another.

Technology Student Association:

  • In this club, you will use all of your STEM principles to incorporate into different competitions and events you will compete in at the state level. 
  • Sponsor: Engineering teacher Russell Pike
  • Meetings: Pike’s room- first meeting today during FLEX. Meet every first Wednesday or Thursday of the month. 
  • Dues: $20 before Christmas break (need teacher recommendations on application)
  • Who should join: Self-motivated students who have passion for the club should have background knowledge in technology but if you don’t, it’s okay if you’re willing to learn. 

Teenage Republicans:

  • “Teenage Republicans have a great opportunity to serve their community and country while learning about the political process.  As a TAR, you become aware of national and international issues and how current events impact your life.  With effective club programming, TARS grow into leaders and sway elections.  This can make a huge difference in how elected candidates enact laws that affect you!” (obtained from the Teenage Republicans’ informational slides)
  • Sponsors: Social Studies teachers Dana Garrett and Rachel Wilson 
  • Meetings: back and forth from Ms. Garrett and Ms. Wilson on the last Tuesday of the month during FLEX.
  • Dues: No dues
  • Who should join? Students who are interested in politics and government.


  • Y-Club is a service organization that is also involved in youth government programs. Members can attend both KYA and KUNA that are hosted by the Kentucky YMCA Youth Association. The group’s mission is to develop engaged citizens and servant leaders that are inspired to make changes in their school, community, commonwealth, nation, and world. 
  • Sponsors: Social Studies teachers Katherine Graybeal, Tyler Vessels, and Rachel Wilson
  • Meetings: There is no set meeting day right now, but meetings will be held in the library.
  • Dues: You can still join Y-Club for $10, but you won’t be able to attend KYA. 
  • Who should join: Any students interested in service, civic engagement, leadership, and social responsibility especially if they have a general interest in government. 

Young Democrats: 

  • Young Democrats is for politically minded teenagers that want to discuss current political events and become more involved in the process. A goal for the club this year is to host a voter registration with the Teenage Republicans to help students that will be 18 by the November election register to vote. 
  • Sponsor: Math teacher April York
  • Meetings: Second Thursday of every month during FLEX in room 218.
  • Dues: $5 to join or $10 if you want a t-shirt. Pay your dues by Nov. 11 if you want to vote for officers and receive a t-shirt. New members are welcomed any time of the year! 
  • Who should join: Any politically-minded teenagers, you don’t have to identify as a Democrat to join, you just need to be interested in politics and government.