What Your Favorite Friends Character Says About You


William Warby

The set of the Central Perk, the beloved coffee shop in the show, Friends

Claire Prater, Staff Writer

During extensive scientific research, I have uncovered that who your favorite Friends character is, reveals a lot about what type of person you are. I feel that it is important to share this information with the world. Reminder, this is not a matter of opinion, this is true accurate information backed by science.

First, if your favorite character is Joey, you take no risks, ever. Joey is the safe choice. He’s nice looking, dumb, sweet, and everyone loves him. Saying that Joey is your favorite doesn’t make you special. In fact, it makes you the least special. Step outside of the box. There are more interesting characters than Joey. 

Second, if your favorite character is Rachel, you are definitely prettier than I am. You also wear cheetah print, but it works for you. I’m definitely jealous of you. You are also probably really nice. Which makes me even more jealous of you. You probably have poor taste in men though, which is your only flaw. 

If your favorite character is Monica, you are the worst kind of person. Monica is the most annoying character and she has no personality traits aside from being a clean freak. Monica is the worst character. (Remember that you’re not allowed to be upset because this is purely scientifically backed.) 

In absolutely no contrast, if your favorite character is Ross, you also are the worst. Potentially worse than those people who think Monica is the best character. Granted, some of the most iconic moments in Friends involve Ross, he is the most annoying character without question. If you like Ross (or any member of the Geller family for that matter), you are also probably annoying. You make very dumb jokes and people only laugh at them out of sympathy. You should probably reevaluate some (if not all) of your life choices. 

If your favorite character is Chandler, you have really good taste. Chandler arguably had the best character arc out of everyone on the show. He develops into a great dude and you just love to watch him do well, which is why he is one of the best characters on the show. You definitely have a very dry sense of humor and you are actually funny. Not funny in a dumb way though, you’re funny in an educated way and I probably want to be your friend. 

Lastly, if your favorite is Phoebe, you’re really cool. Phoebe is one of the best characters because she’s so random and strange, but also interesting. You definitely have a good sense of style and you’re fun to be around. You definitely have your dumb moments, but you care about your friends a lot. You also probably have lots of crazy stories and you’re always the life of the party. You are definitely all of your friends’ favorites out of the group.

You should consider yourself lucky that you have been provided with this information and you should take it very seriously. Again, this information is purely backed by all things scientific and is very serious business.