Avis 2052?

What Makes Senior Class President Most Likely to Succeed


Grace Atherton

Senior Class President Grant Avis

Shelby Logsdon, Writer

Tall, always smiling, and constantly seeking the next conversation, senior Grant Avis is known and adored by many students and teachers alike at Central Hardin. 

Avis is involved in a multitude of school activities. He is the president of both Beta and Young Democrats, he participates in Y-Club, he is the captain of the Academic Team, and he competes on the Speech and Debate Team as well. 

“I try to be involved in just about everything.” Avis said

Many also know that Avis is the Senior Class President as well. He shared that he is very enthusiastic about having this role and that he can effectively relay the opinions of the student body to the teachers and administration. 

As Senior Class President, Avis has helped plan senior events such as senior night, and he helps out with “all the little details like setting up, helping teachers out, [and] helping the senior sponsors get ready for things.” 

Avis will have a role in relaying the students’ opinions on prom and graduation as well. He says the most important part of his presidency “is to provide a student perspective to the administration and to the senior sponsors.” 

Avis also wants to create a good community at Central Hardin through his role as president. 

“Community is something that is very important to me,” he said “I am proud of being a student at Central Hardin, and I’m proud of being a resident of this part of Hardin County.“

Avis wants to display the good qualities of the community we live in and build and strengthen this community as well so people are proud to say they live here. 

“I want to show especially young people that it is something we can be proud of that we live in a place that is deeply flawed but a place that is also extraordinarily beautiful and a place that has wonderful people in it.” 

After his education at Central, Avis plans to attend the University of Louisville and major in history and then eventually teach. 

Once finished with college, Avis wants to return to Central Hardin and give back to the community that has shaped him into the person he is today. And he wants to be able to do that to other individuals as well by teaching AP Gov or US History in this building. 

“I want to come back to this building and come back to this community.” 

You’ve probably heard the rumor of Grant Avis running for President of the United States, but it is not something that Avis actually sees in his future. 

“Since the presidency of Andrew Jackson, every ambitious young man has thought they were going to grow up to be president, and not enough ambitious young women think they can grow up to be president, but they should.” 

For most of his life, Avis has been seen as the “smart kid” that could do things like run for the presidency of the United States. Even his mother has told him he could be president. 

Avis doesn’t think it is something he would even want to do if it was something that could become a reality for him. 

“I think that anyone that wants to be president, I’m a little suspicious of them because it’s insanely difficult and seems like a very unrewarding job.”

Avis said the reason he would want to be president is to serve his community on a larger scale, but he believes he would be more effective on doing so on a smaller scale in local politics. 

“I call it a small scale…local issues and state issues are not small things. I do want to emphasize that.” 

Avis believes he could serve in local and state politics, but he never sees himself actually moving into the White House. It is something he likes to think and dream about, but he never expects it to actually happen. 

“2052 I might be in the state senate. Might be governor. I’ll probably be teaching at Central Hardin.”