How Savannah Weber Defines Theater

Senior Talks About Her Past, Present, and Future on Stage


Photo Courtesy of Savannah Weber

Savannah Weber during the production of the Addams Family 2021

Maggie Phelps, Writer

If you have taken a walk down the halls of Central Hardin, you may have noticed the theatre spotlight poster displayed on the walls.  Senior Savannah Weber can be found amongst those posters as she shines on stage during her performance in the Kentucky State Fair Talent Classic 

Theatre has unlocked a world of possibilities for Weber and she feels like she has truly found her place in the world. The art form has always been an outlet for self expression whether that be the characters that are portrayed or the storyline that is being told. For Weber, her feelings for theatre do not stray too far from just that.

 “When I finally got up on the stage, I knew it was where I was meant to be.”

Theatre creates a safe space for Weber, allowing her to have a creative outlet that serves her. 

To me, theater is a creative outlet that allows my truest self to shine through,” Weber said. “I never felt passionate about any sports I tried when I was younger, and I couldn’t really find any other hobbies that interested me.”

Weber has been participating in theatre for nine years and has found a lot of self growth in the process. 

“One thing that theater has taught me is that rejection isn’t always a bad thing. If I’m not cast in a show I audition for, I don’t see it as the director hated me,” she said., “I simply look at it as that role just wasn’t meant to be at that point in time. I take any sort of rejection as a learning experience to see how exactly I can improve to do even better at the next audition.”

This amount of growth wouldn’t be able to happen without the show that sparked her interest in theatre, Seussical

“I think the show that affected me the most was probably Seussical with the Youth Theater of Hardin County.  That show really sparked my interest and passion for performing arts.”

Her favorite show to be a part of,  however, was either Frankenstein or The Addams Family

Without a doubt, relationships and friendships add a level of connection to any activity that is to be cherished; theatre holds that to be evident as Weber reflects on the relationships that she has created over the span of her theatre career. 

One memory that I will always carry with me is the amazing people I have met throughout all of the different shows I have been a part of,” she said. “They’re all like a huge family to me, and I wouldn’t be the person I am today without them.”

Weber’s talents do not go unnoticed.  She has had the opportunity to perform in the Kentucky State Fair and has been awarded first place two years in a row.

Her love and dedication to theatre is not confined to the walls of Central Hardin.  She will continue her career post high school, indulging in some celebratory news.  She has recently been accepted to the Savannah College of Art and Design where she will participate in the performing arts program to continue her love for theatre. 

She even has started exploring ideas for her own show one day. 

“I would probably create a musical adaptation based on the popular film, Coraline. I have actually thought about a variety of different concepts for the adaptation, and I think it would be really neat to actually execute one day,” Weber said.

With Weber’s extraordinary talents, it wouldn’t come as a surprise if her adaptation of Coraline becomes a broadway hit. 

Weber’s greatest desire is for her peers to support theatre productions. 

“I wish that the student body would take some time to come and see what theater is truly about,” Weber shared. “Whether it be coming and seeing a show at the PAC, or watching a school play put on by the drama club. There are a tremendous amount of students that put so much time and effort into this artform, and not many get to see it.” 

The theatre arts cannot thrive without the continuous support from the student body.  Take the time to branch out and expose yourself to the dedicated art form. You might even see a future star on the stage as Weber is destined to blossom into.