Goodbye T1, Hello T2

Students Share Thoughts About the Transition

McKenzie Stambaugh, Writer

As the first trimester comes to an end, we feel several things. For freshmen, you’ve got a sneak peek of your high school experience, but it’s not over yet. For seniors, we’re one step closer to graduation. As a survey was conducted for the student body, they had a lot to say. Some of which many students’ feelings shared common ground. We asked, you answered. Here are the survey results.

From a 1-4 scale being terrible to great, the majority of students responded with a two for okay. Not quite terrible, but not good either. Scale numbers one and three shared the same results. Surprisingly, 6 out of 133 respondents answered with four for great. Congratulations to those students. 

While many students were nervous about finals, there was a pattern in the reason. Students fell behind. Written responses shared that students want to improve on many things in common such as time management, turning things in on time, working on their grades, and their work ethic. 

One response suggested that the burden is on someone else to improve his academic experience.

Term 1 wasn’t THAT fantastic, sure it had its moments, but I feel the improvement needs to come from the school board,” sophomore Matthew Mills said. “I feel like it has been a primarily negative experience for everyone involved and I feel like the curriculum could use a serious tune-up to adjust to modernity so that education can be dealt with effectively and efficiently.” 

“Honestly, I’m just happy that I’m back in actual school,” senior Gaige Lyons said.

There’s always room for improvement, but let’s hope the trimester goes better. To those who took the survey, thank you for being honest with your thoughts and feelings. The Central Times staff appreciates it dearly. Good luck, and have a great second trimester.