Holiday Gift Guide

Grace Atherton, Writer

With Christmas coming up, shopping for gifts is on the top of everyone’s to-do list. Shopping for family, friends, or coworkers can be stressful and sometimes hard. Whether you’re on a budget, or you just don’t know what to buy, here are 10 simple and affordable gifts you can buy for your loved ones this holiday. 


Gifts for your friends: 

A book: if your friend loves to read, a new book or the next book in their favorite series would be a perfect gift! Or, a just as thoughtful gift, you could get them a copy of your favorite book that you think they would enjoy ($10-$20). 

Their favorite album on CD/Vinyl: You can find affordable CD’s and Vinyl at stores like Target, Barnes and Noble, or online on Amazon ($25). 

Matching key chains: Remember those BFF heart necklaces we would share with our friends in elementary school? I think we can all admit those were adorable and we’re just too embarrassed to wear them now. Almost as cool as the 2014 Claire’s friends forever necklaces, get your best friend a matching key chain from Amazon ($15). 


Gifts for your family:

Personalized necklace: get your aunt or mom a cute personalized necklace with their initial on it, incase they forget. Or your initial, just so they’re reminded of how great you are every time they look at their necklace 🙂 ($19). 

Dad jokes calendar: I don’t know what it is with dads thinking they are the funniest people to ever walk on earth, but to boost their confidence and give them a few more jokes to tell so they can retire from “Why did the chicken cross the road,” get your dad this Dad Jokes Calendar from Amazon ($15). 

A mug: everyone’s grandma loves a nice cup of hot coffee or tea, get yours a cute festive mug from Tjmaxx or Target ($5-$15). 

World’s Best Grandpa hat: show your appreciation for your grandpa by getting him a World’s Best Grandpa hat that he will show off to all of his golf friends next Saturday ($18). 


Gifts for your coworkers/other:

A giftcard: pay for their meal at their favorite restaurant, or buy them a nice book from their favorite book store. 

Their favorite candy bar: sweet and simple!

A candle: you can find a good candle anywhere from Five Below to Bath & Body Works ($5-$25).