10 of the Worst Behaviors at CHHS

Hopefully, one of the ten worst behaviors at Central Hardin has never left you in this position.

Hopefully, one of the ten worst behaviors at Central Hardin has never left you in this position.

Justin Burrous, Azra Emeksiz, and Lilly Keith

We’ve all had our fair share of unpleasant experiences at school. Whether these events happened during elementary school, middle school, or high school, we’ve all had to deal with irritating children/teens. We’ve observed these recurring behaviors at Central Hardin, and we think some of you will appreciate knowing that you’re not alone in noticing them.

Hopefully, one of the ten worst behaviors at Central Hardin has never left you in this position. (Justin Burrous)


There is an ungodly amount of PDA in these hallways, and even in classrooms during FLEX. While there is an upcoming article of ours that will talk more about PDA and why it’s an issue, it will only be slightly addressed here. It is simply just not appropriate to stop in the middle of the hallways and make out with your significant other. Especially if it is in between classes. We all have places to be, and making out, hugging, and really any sort of affection just gets in the way. Please, for the sake of every Central Hardin student, save the affection for a more appropriate time. 

Bathroom Behavior

There is always something gross in the Central Hardin bathrooms. It truly seems like our students have forgotten how to use the bathroom. There are pads and tampons on the floor. They didn’t fall from the sky, people. If you dropped them, pick them up. Don’t make the bathrooms even more intolerable than they already are. It’s an experience that many people dread every day, and inconsiderate scoundrels like these only worsen our experiences. So, here’s a reminder: 1. Walk into the bathroom and head straight to your destination. 2. Take care of your business. 3. WASH YOUR HANDS. 4. Leave. Just leave.  

The Weed Bathroom

The boys’ bathroom across from Mr. Montgomery’s room has a distinct smell fuming out occasionally. The “skunk” smell that exudes from the room is overwhelming. However, Montgomery has done us all the favor of monitoring the bathroom to prevent this from happening again. Don’t bring your skunks to school. Montgomery can only do so much for us. Thank you, Montgomery, for your dedication to making this school a better place. 

Parking Lot Behavior

Those who drive to school, know that one of the most stressful parts of the school day is trying to get out of the parking lot. The cars flying past, revving engines, loud music, and reckless drivers cutting through spots. The newly licensed student drivers are trying to get out of the parking lot as quickly as possible, but with so many vehicles and not enough space, this leads to accidents and a lot of stress for those new drivers that do not know how to handle a certain driving situation like the chaos of the parking lot. Instead of rushing out to leave as quickly as possible, try holding off until the crowd goes down, or if you do have after-school commitments, drive slowly and pay close attention to the other cars around you and for students walking.

Yelling and Running Down the Cattle Chute

One of the biggest changes from previous school years, COVID aside, is the construction. With the construction, the biggest issue is the long walkway to the parking lot nicknamed “the cattle chute.” The cattle chute is a place we all have the walk down, which can get chaotic when students are running, yelling, and acting foolish. For the reputation of yourself, please walk down the cattle chute like a normal person.

Hat/Dress Code

The controversy with the dress code, believe it or not, is not only a problem that students at CHHS but other schools across the country do as well. The dress code is put into place to keep the students dressing in a way that does not put out a negative image of the students at CHHS and for school faculty to make sure outfits are appropriate for the school environment. With rules always come rule-breakers, such as the people who refuse to take off their hats or wear less disruptive jeans. Even though many of the students disagree with certain areas within the dress code, they are still in place and need to be followed to create an equal environment within our school.

Loud/Distracting People

There are some people whose first language is not English. Even you emphasize your pronunciation, it is already very hard for English language learners to understand what they are listening to. Maybe it’s not easy for those who speak English as their native language, too. Please do not make it harder than it already is. We get it you love your friends, everybody loves their friends, but why are you yelling at them? There are some times you can talk but there are some times you should not. Understand the difference between these two things. You are not a middle schooler anymore. Stop hitting each other in the class. We do not want to hear you slapping each other. There are a lot of sports you can join if you want to box with people.  

Locker Body Slamming

Slammers are very common in high school. These types of people are dangerous people. Okay we get it, everybody has bad days, but come on! Please do not take it out of the locker. We get it: using a locker is one of the hardest things in the world. It is so annoying. Ask for help if you cannot do it by yourself. Asking for help is not something you should be ashamed of. Be nice to our lockers. 

Speakers in the Hallway

Music is life itself.  We love to listen to music too but WITH our headphones. Some people seem to feel like they are in a movie while leaving school; they like the vibe that the music gives to them. Sorry to say that to you, but you are just leaving the school. It is probably your best time of the day. Why is it necessary to share your music with the rest of us? 

Stopping in the Hallways

We have to find the average speed because people definitely do not know what they should do. Some of them run, some of them walk slowly, and some of them just stop in the middle of the hallway. Do you not know where you are going, or do you want to hug your friend? Move to someplace where you don’t block the way. There are always places you can stop and talk, we know, it is so hard to find a place because there are two thousand people in this school, but it is better finding a place than blocking hundreds of people’s way.  

We hope that at least a few of you have had your frustrations validated after reading our list. We’d love to hear from you in our comments below. In the meantime, keep fighting the good fight, and stay classy, Central Hardin . . . or at least those of you who already are.