Astrology for Dummies

How You Act According to Your Zodiac Sign

Shelby Logsdon, Writer

The zodiac is a diagram used to show the positions of the planets and stars and is divided into twelve signs. Your zodiac sign is determined by the day you were born and it is 100% true that you act accordingly to your sign and you don’t have any other qualities or characteristics other than the ones of your sign. Here is why you act the way you do solely based on the day you were born. Sorry, I don’t make the rules; the stars do. 

Capricorn (Dec. 22- Jan. 19)

Capricorns, you guys need to calm down and take a break from work. You’re workaholics and you need to find a new hobby that doesn’t involve your job. You guys tend to be very ambitious and determined, so if you stick your mind to something you will go the extra mile to get it done. 

Famous Capricorns: Timothée Chalamet, Finn Wolfhard, Dolly Parton

Aquarius (Jan. 20- Feb. 18)

Aquarians like to think they are “quirky,” but you guys actually aren’t, you just like to think you are different from everyone else. Even though Aquarians can also be emotionally unavailable, you do want to make the world a better place. You guys are very honest as well which isn’t always the best trait to have either. 

Famous Aquarians: Harry Styles, Guy Fieri, Jennifer Anniston 

Pisces (Feb. 19- Mar. 20)

If you’re a Pisces, you are probably a very sensitive person. Just stop taking everything to heart and that won’t be an issue, you could also maybe open up to people some more too. Other than that you’re a pretty cool person that likes to dream and has a huge imagination. 

Famous Pisces: Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Simone Biles

Aries (Mar. 21- Apr. 19) 

Aries are super independent individuals and you guys are very straight forward. Even though you might be good leaders that take initiative, you can also be reckless people because you’re impulsive. You Aries also have a tendency to be a tad bit selfish as well. 

Famous Aries: Lady Gaga, Lil Nas X, Robert Downey Jr. 

Taurus (Apr. 20- May 20) 

Taureans are super creative and artistic; you guys are also very dependable and can be trusted for almost anything somebody asks of you. On the downside, you guys get jealous easily and can be overly possessive. Maybe you could tone down the stubbornness too?

Famous Taureans: Adele, Robert Pattinson, Queen Elizabeth II

Gemini (May 21- June 20) 

I have a question for Geminis: do you guys ever quit talking? You guys are constantly going on about something so people will pay attention to you. You guys are pretty fun to be around though and are typically the life of any party you go to. You are always up for change and can be very unpredictable.

Famous Geminis: Emma Chamberlain, Kanye West, Tom Holland

Cancer (June 21- July 22)

If you’re a Cancer then you are overly emotional and you wear your heart on your sleeve for everybody to see. Although you are known for being a super emotional and needy person, you are very nurturing and you will do just about anything to defend the ones you love. It might be a little unhealthy as to how far you will go to protect your loved ones, but at least they know you care. 

Famous Cancers: Ariana Grande, Post Malone, Luke Bryan

Leo (July 23- Aug. 22)

Leos are typically very confident individuals and love being the center of attention. You guys love it when people give you their attention 24/7 and you revel in it. You guys are also super loyal and faithful people and can be very outgoing. 

Famous Leos: Kylie Jenner, Mick Jagger, Joe Jonas

Virgo (Aug. 23- Sep. 22)

Virgos are very detail oriented and have to have everything organized and in order. I bet your closet is color-coded isn’t it? You guys also know how to hold a grudge like no other and are very unforgiving once someone has done you wrong. Your obsessive attitude can make you very reliable people though because you are determined to get things done correctly. 

Famous Virgos: Zendaya, Beyoncé, Prince Harry

Libra (Sep. 23- Oct. 22) 

In my totally unbiased Libra opinion, I believe Libras are the best…actually I’m not too sure about that because us Libras are notorious for being extremely indecisive. Libras love to see all sides of something before they make a decision, which is why they are such indecisive people. You guys also want to be around others and you work well when you are paired up with someone else. 

Famous Libras: Kim Kardashian, Eminem, Snoop Dogg

Scorpio (Oct. 23- Nov. 21) 

Scorpios can be very intimidating and honestly sometimes you guys come off as rude people. Your rudeness may stem from your need to investigate things and learn everything you can about others so you can better understand them. You guys are very determined and stick to things until the end, and you excel when you trust your intuition. 

Famous Scorpios: Adam Driver, Pete Davidson, Katy Perry 

Sagittarius (Nov. 22- Dec. 21) 

Sagittarians are very adventurous people and you guys love to explore the unknown. If you’re a Sagittarius then you often have a positive outlook on things and are very optimistic which I admire you for. On the down side you can be brutally honest and sometimes careless when things don’t go your way. 

Famous Sagitarians: Bill Nye, Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus

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