How The 70s/80s Impact Today’s Culture

1970s KISS

1970s KISS

Carson Scamihorn, Staff Writer

2022, a time when the baggier the jeans, the better; and the more underground the band on your shirt you’re wearing, the more gnarly you are. 

No no, you didn’t Marty Mcfly yourself back in time, the new age has an old soul.

Who would have thought that the ugly sweater that your grandpa wore to Thanksgiving every year would be on a 16 year old’s back in a high school classroom decades down the road?

Today is a very weird time in history, when we have Bluetooth cars but choose to listen to CD’s instead. The new generation is very materialistic, we love to own what we love. That’s why kids nowadays are spending $50 on a vinyl that they could play off their phone. Not only does Gen Z collect the music they love.The new generation also loves to hold on to the memories that they make and have physical things to help save those memories. This is why Polaroids and disposable cameras are being used on a daily basis again, to have those memories in a physical form. Most teens make a scrapbook or a photo wall to show off their memories. Next thing you know people will start paging people to have them call their cell phone.

The past is back and more alive than before. 

From taste in fashion to taste in music, people’s lifestyles today are based around the 70s/80s era.



Rock n Roll is more alive than it’s been since the 80s. Led Zeppelin, Queen, and Motley Crue are just a few bands who have been kickstarted back up in the last few years by Gen Z wanting to rock out. The 70s/80s Rock n Roll era not only had rad music but they have inspired a lot of fashion trends also: leather pants, Nikki Sixx hair, Doc Martens, the list goes on. 

Not only is Rock n Roll making a return but Metal music is back and can’t go unmentioned. Bands like Slipknot, Korn, and System of The Down, are just a few of the Metal bands who have been revamped by the younger generation wanting to headbang and mosh like they did back in the day. 


Social Life

Gen Z has been affected by COVID-19 drastically, it’s changed the world in many ways. The world went from connections in person with other people to trying to connect through a computer screen. 

This is why Gen Z is so attached to the past, when times were better.  No social media, no Zoom meetings, no Life360. The 70s/80s are very attractive to the younger generation because they inspire to have the lifestyle of an 80s rockstar. Life back in the day looked a lot more promising and exciting. 

Imagine all the connections people made in those days just because you couldn’t stare at your phone while waiting in line. People seemed to genuinely care about one another’s feelings. The intense amount of social media use nowadays is making the people around us less sensitive and less caring to the people around them.  

The times back then looked a lot more carefree and euphoric and it honestly looked more fun being a teenager in the 70s/80s than now. The world has progressed too far with security and safety to do the things teens back in the day had, which is not necessarily a bad thing at all. But being safe wasn´t how people back then had fun, danger is the 80s middle name. Today Gen Z still finds a way to connect to the past without getting in trouble with your parents or the law. Instead of causing chaos, Gen Z has decided to settle with peace and become more down to earth. 



Hippies are back and they are everywhere.

It’s more common than ever before to find someone wearing crystals around their neck or having them in their pockets. People around the world are becoming more and more spiritual, connecting with nature and learning power of the energies of the world.

Metaphysical stores are popping up everywhere. There’s even one here in Elizabethtown called Akashic Awareness. These Metaphysical stores sell products believed to contain energies and powers of metaphysics. These stores contain crystals, tarot cards, pendulums, incense, sage and many more metaphysical things that connect people to the energies and powers of nature.  


Fashion Trends

We have to talk about the hairstyles coming back from the 70s/80s. We can’t not mention the one the only…mullet. The mullet was huge in the 80s, but whether you like it or not, it’s back, and it’s everywhere. The mullet is all about business in the front and a party in the back, and the party is finally back. Another big hairstyle from the 70/80s, is the big Farrah Fawcett poofy hair. This hair was a must back in the day, and not much has changed today. Today, you will still see teens using hairspray to try and get that nice big poofy hair that you saw in the 70s. 

Fashion trends from the 1970s have a massive impact on fashion today. Most trends back when your parents were in school are back today. Bell Bottoms or Flare jeans were a massive trend for men and women in the 1970s. Some other big fashion trends from the 70s are platform shoes, corduroy, and tye dye.  

Today, fast fashion stores everywhere are starting to make their own Bell Bottoms and corduroy clothes to try and keep up with the past and please the new generation, who has a love for the past. 

The 1980s also have a giant impact on the fashion industry today. Leather jackets were a big part of the 80s. Leather jackets have come back to 2022 to give people that 1980’s rock star look. Other fashion trends from the 1980s that are back big today are fanny packs, denim on denim outfits, and cuffing your jeans. These will be seen if you go out on the streets anywhere today by teens everywhere. 

Some of the popular brands from the 70s/80s are still very popular today. 

Converse, or Chuck Taylors, have been around for over a century and has still remained one of the most  popular shoe companies throughout every decade. Teens back in the 70s/80s wore converse on the daily basis to skate, play basketball,or even just walk around. Converse has been sold as a multipurpose shoe since the beginning, helping the shoes to stay around and stay popular even today. 

Doc Martens is another brand that has been around since the 1960s. Doc Martens have been trendy and fashionable upon release. The classic Doc Marten boot was really popular amongst the rock and punk scene in the 70s/80s. Docs today are still as popular as they were back then. Teens today wear them to get that same grungy look they went for back in the day. 

Other brands such as Levi, Tommy Hilfiger, and Nike are brands that were popular during the 70s/80s. 

Today Nike is one of the biggest brands in the world with an estimated net worth of $220 billion dollars in 2022. Nike has been known for their high quality performance gear for athletes. Nike also is known for basketball shoes especially after signing Micheal Jordan to a shoe contract. 

Throughout time, Levi and Tommy Hilfiger denim has built a reputation to have some of the best quality denim to get for the price since the two companies started. Today, Levi and Tommy Hilfiger are a few of the leading jean brands in the world. 


2022, a time where you get praised for living in the past. A time where you buy all your clothes from a raggedy thrift store instead of name brand clothing. The 70s/80s era has been romanticized by the younger generation because of the culture and the lifestyles they had back then. 2022 is a time where you ask your dad for some rad classic rock songs and ask your mom for the hairspray to poof your hair out. 

The amount of impact that the 70s/80s had on us today is extreme, from our clothes to our music, all the way to the way we live. The past lives on with the youth, and I don’t think it will stop anytime soon.  Now grab your favorite snacks and drive blaring KISS all the way to your favorite drive-in theater. Old school is the new school.