A Teen’s World: #Thriving

Things to Implement into Your Daily Routine That Can Help You to “Live Your Best Life”

A Teens World: #Thriving

Claire Prater, Staff Writer

In the fast paced world of social media, it seems as if everyone is completely obsessed with the idea of “living their best life.” In my case, I have always wanted to achieve this lifestyle, but I have never known where to begin. Over the last few months, though, I feel as if I have found a nearly perfect formula for reaching the status of “thriving,” and since I am oh so generous, I want to share it with you in hopes that you too will begin “living your best life.” 

One of my favorite habits that I have taken up recently is journaling. Humans are full of emotions, and sometimes it’s hard to understand what’s really going on in your mind. I have found that one of the best ways to sort through your emotions is by writing them all out. Grabbing a notebook and writing down what’s going on as it comes to you can be extremely therapeutic. I suggest setting no boundaries for yourself. Write down everything, even if it doesn’t make sense or it’s messy, no one besides yourself will see it anyway. After you’ve finished, try reading through it all. This can easily help you see your emotions and circumstances from an outside perspective which will better help you in assessing your current situation.

Another thing to consider implementing into your life is exercise. Some people can be very turned away from the idea of exercise, but moving your body can be fun, and you don’t have to do much. Exercise releases endorphins into your body which can bring you emotions of happiness or satisfaction. Having a goal to go on a walk once a week or hitting the gym with your bestie on the weekends can help you to be happier and start on the road to a healthier life. 

A common practice associated with “living your best life” is cutting out toxicity. However, in my personal experience, this can be easier said than done. Chances are, you  probably have a toxic significant other, friend, or even family member in your life. Additionally, it’s very easy for humans to be unaware of the true severity of toxic situations until after they are out of them. A good rule of thumb for removing toxic people in your life is by asking yourself, “will this person leave a blank hole in my life that cannot be filled, or will their absence bring me peace?” It’s easy to live moment to moment and not fully grasp the severity of situations that involve toxic people, however It’s best to understand that a life without toxicity opens the door to new opportunities and goals and helps to close the one of anger and sadness. 

In many situations, it’s easy to overwork yourself. High school can be a stressful time for many reasons. It’s easy to get extremely overwhelmed. During times of high stress, grant yourself a little grace. Listen to the needs of your body and mind and do what’s best for you. Don’t put pressure on yourself to do more than you are capable of. 

Overall there are so many ways that you can create a happy life for yourself, these are just some things that have worked well for me recently. The road to happiness looks different for everyone. Don’t compare your journey to someone else’s, you can start any time. Listen to yourself and do what you think is best for you!