Road to the Final Four


Wikimedia Commons

The 2008 Sweet Sixteen matchup between West Virginia and Xavier

Eli Thompson, Writer

It’s March. The time of year every basketball fan dreams of. The one month where no matter who you’re rooting for, you always enjoy seeing the top teams clash and everyone hyping up the Cinderella to go all the way.

It’s so exciting to see all the upsets happen. If you are familiar with March Madness you are probably wondering about the 12-seed upset. The 12 seed has beaten the 5 seed 35% of the time which is a pretty high upset potential.

This year that potential is still there and in my bracket I have two 12-seed upsets including Indiana/Wyoming, which I think will be Indiana, beating Saint Mary’s and New Mexico State taking down Uconn in the first round.

If you’re looking for a 1 seed to go down in the first round, you might not get to see that. There has only been one 1-seed loss in the first round and that was when UMBC took out Virginia in 2018. The next year, Virginia won the national championship.

Whether it’s at school or at work, people are drawn to the screen to watch March Madness. The average worker spends six hours watching the whole tournament while at work. 56% of Millennials would miss a work deadline to watch March Madness according to The craziest fact is that corporations lose $13.8 billion on workers distracted by watching March Madness.

This year, it was commonly agreed that the 1 seeds of the tournament were the correct ones. Gonzaga, Arizona, Baylor, and Kansas are the teams at the top that all the other 60 teams are looking to take down. 

Gonzaga is the favorite and if they win, they will make history. There has never been a team to win it all that came from a conference with less than four teams. The West Coast Conference is in that pool with only Gonzaga, Saint Mary’s, and San Francisco. Although this has never happened, don’t be surprised if Gonzaga goes all the way.

In my bracket, I have Gonzaga winning it all matching up against Tennessee in the National Championship. Gonzaga has a deadly duo with Drew Timme and Chet Holmgren that I think is unstoppable. Timme averages 17.5 points per game and has the best footwork in the country. Holmgren averages 14.2 points and 9.6 rebounds and is a struggle to guard because of his length but also a struggle to score on as he averages 3.6 blocks per game.

The Kentucky Wildcats are back in the tournament after missing last year with a rough season. They are currently the 2 seed in the tournament but have been picked by many sports analysts to go all the way to the final four and by a few to win the National Championship including legendary broadcaster  Dick Vitale.

I have Kentucky losing to Gonzaga in the final four, but as a Kentucky fan, I will always root for Kentucky no matter what my bracket says. 

This year’s bracket is going to be good like always and I can’t wait for the many upsets. Although I might be in class, that won’t stop me from watching the best tournament in the world.