Bruin Baseball is on a Roll


Courtesy of Caden Alvey

Caden Alvey pitching during a Game

Eli Thompson, Writer

The Bruin baseball team has put on a show this year and they continue to perform exceptionally as the season goes on. The Bruins are currently 20-6 on the season and are 1st in the region. 

The team recently faced rival Etown and won 8-3. Caden Alvey was the starting pitcher this game and had five strikeouts. Christian Pinson was the closing pitcher who came in the 5th inning and also had five strikeouts. The Bruins lost to the Panthers earlier in the season 2-3, but they were on a mission this game and brought home the win. 

“Our team is more experienced and we got a lot of guys that will play college baseball,” said senior Caden Alvey. 

The team had a lot of hype to live up to this year and they have made sure to fulfill their duties. The team is a mix of every grade level but the young talent on the team is something to look forward to in the next few years.

“Guys before me have told me how to handle certain situations and you always got to help other guys and motivate you when you’re one of the guys who is the leader of the team,” said Alvey. 

The senior role is important and when seniors like Alvey and his teammates teach the younger players how to act not only on the field but off the field; it creates a better environment for the team and makes winning more fun. Alvey wants to set an example for the younger guys because he wants them to have the fun and success he has had in his years as a Bruin baseball player.

“They are a very competitive group who want to do well individually and as a team,” said head coach Todd Thompson. 

No matter what sport you play, it’s always important to have a drive to win and these groups of players have the skills and mindset to win. Individually, the players on the team are something special to watch and I can’t wait to see what they can do with the rest of their baseball careers.

“Alvey is very good at baseball,” said Central Hardin student Corbin Durrance. The fans at Central know how good this team is and how well they perform together. This baseball season is something to watch and the rest of the season is going to be super fun to watch.

The Bruins have eight games left this season with some tough competition including St. Xavier and Male, who are both from Louisville. These tough games will only make the team stronger and prepare them for the tournaments during the postseason.

As the Bruins approach the end of the season, they hope to stay atop of the region and hopefully make it to state. This team has shown they have what it takes but now is their time to prove it.