Dollar Generals on the increase

New store set to open in Glendale

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Dollar Generals on the increase

Sebastian Petzinger, Writer

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The iconic yellow signs are recognizable by almost everyone in the country, especially in the past couple of years.

Dollar General has made many expansions in the past decade. According to their website, there are 15,015 locations in 44 different states. To compare, McDonald’s only has 14,146 U.S. establishments.

With more locations, more earnings are attached. Last year, Dollar General earned a reported $23.5 billion.

The increase of Dollar Generals is very present in Elizabethtown. A new store was just built on Leitchfield Road, just a few minutes away from Central Hardin. This is the fifth location in a five-mile radius of Central.

All red pins represent a Dollar General and the blue dot is Central Hardin High School.

A new location is also set to open in Glendale. Angela Carter, someone who calls Glendale her home, is selling two lots to Dollar General for the new store. She believes it will make life easier for Glendale residents and provide a few employment opportunities.

“[Dollar General] seems to be very aware that Glendale is a unique place with a shared desire to retain as much of its small-town charm as possible, and [Dollar General] will do what they can to respect that as they finalize their plans for the store,” Carter said.

Although the number of stores is very high, there is some reasoning behind it. According to Vice News, the company has been opening stores in poor and rural areas where no other retail chain will set foot.

“I believe that the Dollar General stores are primarily about convenience, and the needs they are addressing are a result of today’s busy lifestyle,” Carter said.  “So many people enjoy living in smaller communities, but one of the drawbacks can be that there are no stores nearby.”

On top of making shopping convenient for everyone, their prices are lower than most surrounding stores. They have also begun incorporating produce into their stock, so shopping for fresh foods can be possible.

The next time you drive down the road, pay attention to the growing number of Dollar Generals. Do you think that this will be beneficial to the community?

“Clearly they have found their niche, so to speak, or they wouldn’t be expanding at such a fast pace,” Carter said.  “I think the store will be what it’s designed to be: HANDY!”