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Audrey Johnson

Audrey Johnson, Writer

Hello! My name is Audrey Johnson and I'm a junior this year. This is my first year on the Central Times staff. I've always had a passion for writing. I look back on my early articles and think I've come so far with my writing. I never really thought about joining the newspaper, even though I enjoyed writing and loved reading about pop culture in the news. This might sound silly but, the TV show "Gilmore Girls" inspired me to join the times. It was inspiring how with one article you can make a difference in your school or community. But unlike "Gilmore Girls" I wanted some constructive criticism on my work so I become better at it.

     Besides writing, I love to read, listen to music, watch movies, etc. I'm an officer in FCClA as well. My goal this school year is really get involved in my school and community. Some things I used to enjoy are cheer, gymnastics, dance, and tennis. Unfortunately, I can't do those things anymore due to injury. So I find that void in clubs at school. Just like a sports team, clubs have that same team bonding experience. The thing I probably love the most about newspapers is the people. We all have a similar goal in mind and that is being a journalist. It's easy to confide in people who really understand you.

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Audrey Johnson