Senior Superlatives


5A: Most Likely to be Late to Graduation

  • Alloria Frayser and Jack Kisselbaugh

5B: Most Likely to Start a Cult

  • AJ and Kaitlyn Scamihorn (not pictured)

5C: Parent’s Choice Award

  • Carolee Coleman and William Abel

5D: Mother Theresa Award

  • Joe Kiger and Sara Mays

5E: Most Likely to Become the Next Iron Chef

  • Sebastian Petzinger and Tatum Cox

5F: Most Likely to Become a Billionaire

  • Chandler Wilcox (not pictured) and Alyssa Davis (not pictured)


5G: Most Likely to Get Roasted by Mudd

  • Destiny Tharpe (not pictured) and Cameron Bryan (not pictured)


5H: Most Likely to Roam the Halls

  • Kaitlyn Boles and Ryan Getler

5I: Most Likely to Get Dress-Coded

  • Delanna Betlej and Jackson Flanagan

5J: Best Laugh

  • Dailey Harris and William Elliot

5K: Most Likely to Fall in a Fountain While Texting

  • Onnica Nichols and Zach Mueller

5L: Most Likely to Appear on SNL

  • Sophia Torres and Kaleb Burgess

5M: Most Likely to Drive a Mini-Van in 10 Years

  • Abby Cunigan (not pictured) and Ben Gardner

5N: Most Likely to Beat Thanos

  • Maddie Andretta (not pictured) and Zach Jones

5O: Most Likely to Become President

  • Jakob Sherrard and Katie Estes