Office Oddities


Stealing eggs from Mrs. Bowen’s classroom after a science project.

  • Jack Kisselbaugh


When I tried to get an article written about how dirty and unclean our school was. I took over 200 pictures and even got quotes from teachers about it. Needless to say, Mr. Isaacs called me into his office and he was very very angry.

  • Kayla Slaubaugh


In sophomore year I was accused of having pills on me. The strangest part about it wasn’t the fact that they thought I had pills on me but the fact they kept calling me Katie and nobody here calls me that. Turns out it was another girl in my 4th block that goes by Katie and had pills on her.

  • Katelyn Carter


Using the bathroom…literally that’s it

  • Tyler Coates Thompson


Once I was sent to the office because one time a sub told my class a dirty joke and someone told on him and I was sent in the office to give a play by play of what happened. With this being said I had to basically tell one of the administrators a dirty joke…awkward

  • Ella Lewis


Mrs. Judith Thompson told me to go down to the office. I didn’t. So She wrote me up and i got a disciplined referral

  • Jackson Flanagan


In seventh grade, Cameron Bryan got me sent to the office because he destroyed a lunch box and blamed it on me.

  • Carolee Coleman


At a meet, I opened a CLEAN & UNTOUCHED panty liner and I told a boy that it was a face mask. I put it over his eyes and when I told him what it was he FREAKED OUT. I was reported to Mr. Howell and I had to write a statement. In my opinion, he was being overly sensitive!

  • Lei-Lani Leisam


I told someone to quit talking about my mom, who had died about two years prior, and for some reason that got me in trouble.

  • Rachel Koch


Accused of cursing by my Mrs. Oliver for saying “Sport Shift” during a conversation about cars.

  • Austin Barr