Confessions of a graduating senior

One time I told one of my teachers I wasn’t feeling good but I was actually just tired so I went to the volleyball locker room and took a fat nap on the couch. – Ella Lewis

Dear every math teacher I’ve had: my homework usually consisted of random numbers I scribbled down 30 seconds before class started. -Tatum Cox

Dear every pretty girl, if I ever gave you a dirty glare then I think you’re absolutely beautiful! Don’t let me rain on your parade. -Leilani Lei-Sam

Yes, I was pretty shy but that got me a lot of information and drama from people because nobody realized I was listening. – Katelyn Carter

Sorry, Mudd for cheating on all of your tests and having someone send me the final. It didn’t help but at least I knew what was on it. -Alissa Briscoe

I cheated in AP Bio on the homework assignments, whoops.- Dailey Harris

Yes, I have built up aggression at how stupid teenagers actually are. -Victoria Steele

During co-op, Adam Case and I sat in the press box on the football field while we were supposed to be fixing the sound system, but then we started commentating on the ROTC’s practice on the field. -Carolee Coleman

Me and Sophia showed up to the wrong school for a track meet. -Delanna Betlej