Staff Puts Central Focus on Excessive Tardies

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Staff Puts Central Focus on Excessive Tardies

Allison Cundiff, Staff Writer

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Starting Aug 10, administration began enforcing the tardy policy by asking teachers to shut the door by the late bell.  

The new tardy policy states that any student outside the class by the time the door shuts must go to the front office to receive a purple slip before going back to class. 

“Assistant principals came up with that,” principal Tim Isaacs said, “and really it isn’t any different than last year. It’s the enforcement, the implementation [not the rule itself], and I think that’s an important distinction.” 

The implementation of the policy has greatly affected the amount of tardies reported during the first month of school. Assistant principal Dan Corley reported that in Aug 2018, 227 tardies were reported, whereas this August, 325 tardies were reported. 

Students have reacted to this implementation with frustration.

“I think they shouldn’t be so harsh about it,” sophomore Hailey Hisel said. 

Junior Zachary Hardcastle also feels the implementation is too harsh and there are better methods for handling tardies. 

“I feel it’s kinda harsh for the first one (tardy) just being straight up to the office referral,” Hardcastle said. “It seems like it wouldn’t do much good if you just send them straight to the office, instead of just like,’hey you should come here on time.””

Junior Kenny Ortega proposed another idea.

“I think that it’s too harsh because you should get at least two warnings before they write us up,” Ortega said. 

Some teachers think the policy is a good thing.

“I like the consistency and clear expectations of the tardy policy,” math teacher April York said, “as well as how it allows for less interruption to the beginning of class because teachers do not have to make judgement calls.”

The office administration has also been affected by this change.

“It has made my day a little bit busier because now a student has to come to the main office to get their tardy slip,” office clerk Shelly Bryant said. “Before, they would’ve gone to the attendance office.” 

While students are frustrated with the change, Bryant said it is a good change for the school and can teach students responsibility. 

“So it’s one extra step, but I do think it’s made students more accountable,” Bryant said.