The Beginning of Rock Part 1

The Beginning of Rock Part 1

Paige Westwood, Staff Writer

The Beginning of Rock…

In the 1950s, the radio was one of the most popular devices people used. Teens, excited and huddled around the radio, waited for what or who would come next. 

Teens were tired of listening to their parents’ music. The rock ‘n’ roll era allowed the teens to finally have music they could call their own.

So much confusion exists on how it all started up so quickly and how it became so loved by almost everyone. Well this was the true start of all genres of rock, all branching off into different kinds of music.

Jazz, blues, and country really inspired rock ‘n’  roll music. Without the roots of old music we would’ve never had the idea of rock. Before the 50’s, rock music was never heard of or thought of. 

Mostly adults were shocked to hear this new music and didn’t like their teens listening to this kind of music. 

The Beatles first formed in 1957, probably one of the most heard of band from the 50’s and their music is still loved and respected to this day. The Beatles loved challenging the normal or speaking political in their later years.  

Beatles Video: “All You Need Is Love”

Johnny Cash also known as “ The Man in Black “ was a legend, he wrote his own song lyrics, notes, and played them as well, even selling over 90 million records worldwide and he influenced other artists. He played all kinds of genres from blues to gospel, he really opened up the scene for other artists. 

Cash Video: “Ring Of Fire”

Chuck Berry was one of the pioneers for rock ‘n’ roll music, he was one of the first to play an electrical guitar. With his clever lyrics and distinctive sounds he truly became an inspiration.

Berry Video: “Johnny B Goode”

Elvis Presley was known as the “King of Rock and Roll”. Parents ‘ horrified ‘ by hearing his music, wanting to keep their teens in line. Soon knew it would change their lives forever.

Presley Video: “Always On My Mind”

Bill Haley and His Comets started up in 1952, they continued until Haley’s death in 1981. This band blended country and R&B into rock ‘n’ roll music. He amazed many people by his skill in guitar, fiddle, and bass. He is best known for his anthem for rebellious teens “ Rock Around the Clock “. 

Bill Haley and His comets Video: “Tequila”

Soloist Presley and Bill Haley and His Comets brought a strong country background into rock ‘n’ roll. They transformed this music into a fast and catchy music. 

Feb. 3rd 1959, was known as The Day the Music Died. Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and “ The Big Bopper “ J.P. Richerson were killed in a plane crash. These three made a difference in the lives of people and in rock ‘n’ roll.

This decade was crucial for us to have, as all genres branch off of each other. Rock wouldn’t be rock without jazz, blues, and country.