Basketball Team Draws Out Retired Players for First Annual Alumni Game


Jermaine Lee ’91

Peyton Rabb, Staff Writer

As everyone is eagerly awaiting the excitement that is basketball season in Kentucky, the entire team here at Central is bringing the community together in a day-long event of fun and games. 

On Nov. 23, the boys’ basketball team is hosting an all-day competition, ranging all the way from little league games at the start of the day to an alumni game concluding the event. The day will begin with little league games, which include fourth and fifth graders from some of our feeder schools. After, the freshman, JV, and varsity teams will scrimmage against Allen County-Scottsville for a friendly competition. Lastly, the much anticipated alumni game will commence. There will be a variety of basketball-related contests for the alumni to enjoy as they relish in their old high school glory.

Other sports have hosted similar events, with the purpose in mind to bring old players back for some fun, and the chance for everyone to reminisce about when they were in school. The basketball team has wanted to have the same sort of experience, and have now been able to put it all together.

“We have so many former players that are out there in our community,” head coach Matt Nickell explains, “and I think that it is very important to bring that to light and make sure that our guys know about some of the players from the past.”

Since the very beginning, the coaching staff at Central has been working to develop each player individually, as well as to develop the culture of the team. They started by creating a feeder school program four years ago to get fourth and fifth graders excited the get the chance to play as a bruin some day. The alumni game is just another way to promote the community, and to bring more spirit and fun to Central Basketball.

Alum Russ VanZant of the class of ‘91 explains that he is most looking forward to seeing “the guys” again for a chance to meet up with old friends, and meet new people as well.

“I think it is always a good idea to try to engage the people/players who have been a part of the program,” VanZant says. “It helps to increase support and promote a feeling of pride for the basketball program.” 

VanZant and other alumni planning on attending the event appreciate the idea and can’t wait to get back together for some friendly competition.

“We want to make sure that ALL of the former players here at Central Hardin are welcomed to come back,” Nickell said. “We love seeing alumni at the games and this is one way that we can say thank you.”

If you are an alumnus to the boys’ Bruin basketball community and would still like the chance to sign up, please feel free to contact the school, or to email Coach Nickell at [email protected].

For those wanting to experience the fun as well, entry tickets are only $2 for the entire day. Little League games are from 9:00-12:00, followed by the high school scrimmages from 1:00-4:00. The day will end with the alumni game beginning at 5:00.