Coronavirus Pandemic Creates Change Like Never Before


Calei Loy, Staff Writer

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, there have been 54,453 cases of COVID-19, also known as Coronavirus, in the United States.

Of these, 737 have resulted in death.

The virus, which disproportionately affects those with other health problems, has symptoms similar to the flu.

The pandemic originated in China and has since made its way to over 100 other countries, as confirmed by the World Health Organization.

Kentucky has had 47 confirmed cases of the virus, with the second death being confirmed yesterday.

This outbreak has caused extra precautions to be taken by the public, including restaurant closings of eat-in dining, rescheduling and cancellations of large events, and school closures, including Central Hardin.

Central, and many other schools, have opted for Non-Traditional Instruction (NTI) in order to create educational opportunities accessible from home.

This marks the first time that Hardin County Schools will use a program of this nature.

According to Principal Tim Isaacs, “We are working to accommodate our students remotely. This is really unprecedented for us in Hardin County. Other districts, primarily smaller ones, have tried these with severe weather conditions (like snow days) and have had some success.”

For those concerned that being distant from teachers will affect schoolwork, Isaacs ensures, “We are working to keep our staff members safe but accessible to students.  Teachers will work many days from home, but [they will] still be expected to be available to all their students.”

Students have expressed mixed emotions towards this alternative form of instruction.

Some students, like junior Preston Cobb, applaud this measure.

“I am glad that the Board has decided to close school. It’s important that we take situations like this seriously,”  Cobb said.

Others, like junior Jevin Grosso, express their frustration with their lessened capability to socialize. 

“This has been a huge damper. Yes, the main purpose of school is to educate…but there is a secondary purpose, which is communicating with those around you.”

With no current treatment for the virus, it is unknown when aid will become accessible.

While the school closing was initially announced to last two weeks, Governor Andy Beshear encourages schools to be prepared to extend this period.

This will require an effort from students.

 “We will really need kids to try and do their best to be active and involved in the process for it to be successful,” Isaacs said.


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