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My Top 10 Songs on SZA’s New Album “SOS”
SOS album cover obtained from wiki commons. (CC BY-SA 4.0)
SOS album cover obtained from wiki commons. (CC BY-SA 4.0)

After a long-awaited five years since her first album, female artist SZA released her second studio album titled SOS last Friday (Dec. 9). However, I don’t think her work needs any saving. Her highly anticipated release included 23 songs, three of which were put out as singles prior to the album’s debut.

Less than 24 hours after SOS’ broadcast, SZA was already topping charts worldwide on Billboard, Itunes, Apple Music, and Spotify.

“SZA’s SOS has now surpassed one billion total streams on Spotify (album),” @chartdata tweeted.

SZA fans, including myself, raved on all social media platforms over the weekend, posting screenshots, making TikToks, and offering their top picks.

I want to preface my ranking with the fact that everyone is welcome to their own opinion. Additionally, we may interpret music in contrasting ways. I reworked the list that follows several times, and with that, my rankings are still subject to change.

After some deliberate and extensive listening over the past four days, I present my take on the top 10 songs on SOS.

10. “Too Late”
The tenth pick was a hard choice. Even following my top five, the rankings were not as “obvious” per say. This may be a reach, but something about this song gives me Drake energy. Considering Drake was my number one artist on Spotify Wrapped this year, that concept plays into why I prefer this song over other fan favorites such as “Snooze” or “Notice Me.”

9. “I Hate U”
Released earlier this year in August, “I Hate U” immediately surfaced all over the TikTok “for you page.” If you experienced a break-up over the summer, I know you feel this song in your core. Its catchy chorus and cutthroat verses led it to quickly become not only a fan favorite, but also one of my favorites.

8. “Good Days”
Since “Good Days” was originally streamed back in 2020, many were surprised to see it’s inclusion on the album. Some argue that the song is overplayed, but considering “Good Days” did have a two-year head start, and reminiscing on its popularity upon release, I still consider it some of SZA’s best work. The intro immediately brings me back to summertime; the perfect tune to play whilst sunbathing. Cue the “good days on my mind.”

7. “Shirt”
The third and final song released prior to the full album release, fans had been begging for “Shirt” ever since a small excerpt was posted on TikTok earlier this year. Needless to say, SZA did not disappoint when the full song came out in October. After the song teases of “Shirt,” critics knew the album to follow was sure to be a good one. Long story short, the beat hits.

6. “SOS”
As the intro track in the album sequencing, “SOS” promptly set the tone. “It’s about heartbreak, it’s about revenge, it’s about being pissed,” SZA told Glamour in an interview regarding her new album. SZA captures each of those emotions unanimously, and effortlessly.

5. “Love Language”
To my surprise, I haven’t seen or heard much buzz concerning “Love Language.” With my top love languages being quality time and acts of service, I can confidently say that SZA is doing us all an act of service with this one, and I will be spending some quality time listening to this song.

4. “Nobody Gets Me”
I know we all have a sad playlist, and furthermore, I know we will all be adding this song to said playlist. Nobody gets me like SZA does, and she hit every target audience with this album. Her words are heartfelt and genuine, evoking plentiful emotions from listeners.

3. “Low”
“Low” carries a different vibe than her usual R&B style of music, but I absolutely love the approach this song takes. SZA radiates confidence and she truly encaptures that, letting it shine through in this song.

2. “Blind”
The weeks prior to SOS’s release, tidbits of “Blind” were surfacing TikTok; another indicator of the damage this album would do on the music industry’s leaderboards. SZA hits every note without batting an eye. It is safe to say that this song is truly music to my ears.

1. “Kill Bill”
The beat, the melody, the lyrics: chef’s kiss. While I don’t personally relate to the song, I will sing every single word like I mean it. SZA ate, SZA slayed, SZA killed “Kill Bill.”

Like I said before, we may interpret music in contrasting ways, but I encourage you to leave your comments, opinions, or rankings in the comments.

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