Describe CHHS in One Word, Go!

Describe CHHS in One Word, Go!

Central Hardin High School: A place that some love deeply, and one that others loathe. While many of us can form a rather lengthy rant to encapsulate our experience at CHHS, how would you attempt to describe CHHS in one word?

After surveying the students and staff, the most common answer was “interesting,” but the response I found to be the most unique was “coconut.”

“[CHHS] has a rough exterior, but the people on the inside are sweet,” junior Tyler Grace explained.

Many of the responses included strong themes of a familial atmosphere and commented on the phenomenal people CHHS houses. However, instructional assistant Amanda Hicks had a different take, using the word “twisted” to describe the building itself, and not in the way your Criminal Minds influenced brain may think.

“I can see how the school can be intimidating for anyone who doesn’t know the layout. The school I graduated from was much smaller and I even got turned around there. I enjoy walking my rounds, meeting the students and staff, and am learning the ‘shortcuts’ of these never-ending halls,” Hicks said.

Sophomore Harper Warrell shares similar feelings as Hicks, describing CHHS as “overwhelming.”

“So many people. So many halls. So many classes/trimesters,” Warrell said.

Junior Ian Fogle felt “erratic” was the most fitting adjective to summarize CHHS in just a few syllables. Many of you may agree as its dictionary definition reads “not even or regular in pattern or movement; unpredictable.”

“At Central anything can happen. Whether it’s a fight, a random week schedule change, or silly drama, you never really know what’s gonna happen the next day,” Fogle commented.

A majority of respondents felt as though CHHS was very “opportunistic” and pushed them to achieve greater things.

“The idea of PowerHour and the inclusion of many career pathways has always seemed very innovative with how it tailors to many options which students may be interested in while also giving them time to learn about any options they may want to try in their next year,” senior Anderson Matherly said.

However you may describe Central Hardin High School, I stand by the fact that it can definitely be recounted as interesting, and maybe even “coconut” too.

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