Googly Eye Bandit

The Googly Eye Bandit stuck once again on english teacher Jeff Cradys classroom door (Sept. 19).
The “Googly Eye Bandit” stuck once again on english teacher Jeff Crady’s classroom door (Sept. 19).
Syra Lundergan

An outlaw is on the loose in the halls of Central Hardin. Fortunately, whomever it may be, has a sense of humor.


Their crimes include numerous misdemeanors of dispersing googly eyes onto both pits and peaks throughout our school building, and never failing to bring students and staff members a good laugh. However, an elephant in the room still remains: whodunnit?

The Bruin mural located directly outside of the main office had a niche, and slightly creepy, addition (Sept. 18). (Syra Lundergan)

Our administrators began to feel the stares prior to the start of the 2023-24 school year. This narrowed down the suspect list to those who were originally suspected the least: CHHS staff members.

Googly-eye sightings have been reported in the main office, library, 100’s hallway, near exit doors, and on multiple Bruin bear faces.

Based on the staff prankster history, and a gut feeling, the first prime suspect in this case was history teacher James Sisk. However, after thorough off-the-record questioning, Sisk was ruled out due to lack of motive (A.K.A. motivation).

Subsequently, the hunt continued. An anonymous lead eventually presented itself: librarian Jessica Hundley was allegedly seen carrying a box of googly eyes. Yet, this proved to be another dead end.

Courtesy of Emily Wortham

History teacher Emily Wortham submitted a picture of a googly eye spotted outside her own classroom door.

“So maybe it is Dan Corley?” Wortham said. “I don’t really think it’s NASA [Corley’s nickname], but I’ll go on record saying it was if that helps anything.”

The mystery still remains unsolved, a cold case if you will. Could this have been the work of a student all along?

If you or anyone you know has any information on our so-called “Googly Eye Bandit,” you can contact The Central Times via email ([email protected]) or via DM on Instagram (@chhstimes).

Out of curiosity, “eye” hope the culprit will soon be revealed.

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