The Best Coffee in Elizabethtown

The Best Coffee in Elizabethtown

What coffee shop has the best coffee? You might think that the answer is subjective, that everyone has different tastes for different types of coffee, but I cannot just leave it to that without losing sleep at night. There has to be an objective way to find out who makes the most out of their roasted beans and I have discovered just that. 

I, an unbiased and objective reporter, went and ordered the staple of coffee shops worldwide, the vanilla latte, from each and every coffee shop in Elizabethtown to rank them. 

The coffee will be ranked against each other regarding taste, appearance, and price. Now, let’s begin with the overall worst coffee shop I visited.


I was hopeful going into Starbucks to order our latte, so hopeful in fact, that I ordered the largest size, thinking I was going to finish it later at the end of the day. The price was quite steep at $5.00, which is a huge price jump compared to the better coffee shops ahead.The latte was so sweet I could hardly taste the coffee itself. There was also nothing special about the store or how the coffee looked; it was simply coffee in a white Starbucks cup that I got from a drive-thru because the lobby was closed. Overall, all these factors come together to place Starbucks last on the list.

Nuts About Coffee

I have never been to Nuts About Coffee before, so going into the atmosphere was pleasant. They had the typical wooden chairs and tables and menu written on a blackboard. The price wasn’t too insane at $4.25, but it didn’t taste too special. Overall, it was just alright and there wasn’t much to say about their coffee.

Mountain Mike’s

Technically this coffee shop is in Glendale, not Elizabethtown, but this is such an underrated and amazing coffee shop that I felt it was unfair to not include it in this list. The coffee is priced at a pricey $5.00, but the taste and look of both the coffee and the shop are amazing. The atmosphere of the store itself is nice and homey and the simplistic, but impactful design of the cup with the Mountain Mike’s logo really brings it all together. Overall, Mountain Mike’s is an amazing shop if you’re willing to pay a premium for quality.

Vibe Coffee

Vibe Coffee is located in downtown Elizabethtown and is one of the most affordable and best-tasting coffee shops around. I only paid $3.95 for my coffee and it was amazing. The inside of the shop was homey and clean and this was the first coffee shop that made latte art with my latte, which I believe increased the rating of this overall. This coffee shop has always been a staple of my weekends and you should definitely consider switching your main coffee shop to this one.


The final and best coffee shop is Apostoli. The shop is located a little ways out of Elizabethtown in Radcliff, but it is worth the trip. My order was $4.25 and my coffee came out fast and hot. The shop had a patio that you could sit and drink your coffee on when it isn’t 30 degrees out, and they make sure you’re comfortable with a variety of furniture you can lounge on while sipping on your dirty bean water. The latte tasted amazing and, again, they included latte art free of charge. Apostoli is an absolutely must-try and is a shop that I frequent anytime I’m in Radcliff.

This concludes the definitive list of the best coffee shops in and around Elizabethtown and I would love to hear your opinions on my list in the comments or an email.

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  • D

    Deborah OverturfMay 27, 2024 at 8:55 pm

    This was very interesting and creative I look forward to reading more of your work.

  • J

    JenniferMay 8, 2024 at 2:30 pm

    What an insightful view of our local coffee shops! I love vibe and am definitely going to try out Apostoli, thanks for recommending!

  • S

    Simeon ThompsonFeb 8, 2024 at 7:19 pm

    Love the thought you put into it along with the accuracy of most of the shops. I will definitely try out the Apostoli. My only thought of disagreement is about vibe. While I love the atmosphere of the shop and can agree with you completely, I think that’s vibes coffee are more on the sweet side for me, but I can agree with everything else. I love the article