The CHHS Tennis Seniors are leaving, but will never be forgotten.


Carter Cox, Newspaper Staff

CHHS Tennis Senior Night was an emotional roller coaster for parents, coaches, and players alike. The team had five seniors graduate, and all of them will be missed dearly. The five seniors are Forrest Bowman, Cameron Bryan, Braden Bybee, Tatum Cox, and Jack Kisselbaugh. All of these students have been great additions to the tennis team and a big part of the success of the team.


Forrest Bowman is a great man on and off the court. He was nominated by Head Coach Jeff Crady for the Male Tennis Athlete of the Year for a combination of on and off court production. Forrest is an all A student and is a reliable and dependable option on the court, as well as a great reason why young kids on the team are getting better and better as he teaches younger players.


Cameron Bryan, also known as Cam among teammates, is the funniest man on the team. His quick-witted humor is a good joy for a very serious game. Cam also cares about his teammates,  showing up to every match and being the loudest cheerleader. He is also good on the court with his signature slice and crazy playstyle. Cam also cheers everybody up and is a good teammate.


Braden Bybee is a humble man with a lot of tennis skill. Bybee is a terrific player in the region and can hold his own against any player in the region. He plays doubles with sophomore Keegan Christensen, and they are currently in the region tournament with a chance to win. But Braden is not just a great tennis player, he is also a supportive teammate. Bybee has given young players like me confidence in my ability and an urge to continue. I have never heard him say a bad thing about anyone, and that is a precious thing to say about somebody.


Jack Kisselbaugh is a hard worker, a good player, and a nice person. I’ve known Jack for years and he is always somebody I have appreciated. Jack loves the game and his teammates. He has worked so hard to be where he is at, and his hard work paid off with a good tennis game. Jack is a good teammate to struggling players and shows genuine interest in the team. Jack is moving out of state to attend college next year, but his impact will never be forgotten.


So Tatum Cox is my favorite on the list, and that might be due to the fact that she is my sister. Tatum is the nicest, most compassionate, genuine, hardworking, caring person I know and the list goes on and on. I wish I could name all the things that she has done to help my life and my tennis ability, but we’d be here all day. Tatum will be missed by everyone on the team, from the middle schoolers to her fellow seniors. She is a natural leader and has the attention of the whole team when she speaks. Her leadership has carried this team, and the way she composes herself on and off the court pales no comparison. Tatum and Riley Reed are currently competing in the region tournament, and have every shot at a win. Tatum is the best personality I know, and she’ll be missed by all.