High School Memories


I have too many. — Delanna Betlej

Potlucks in Ms. Blair’s room before holidays! — Carolee Coleman

Freshman year, Brent Murphy brought a chicken to school as a secret santa gift. In my fifth block class, the chicken escaped from his carrier and Ms. Charlton almost fainted. — Tatum Cox

One night at GSP my roommates and me drug our mattresses to the common area and had a sleepover. — Katelyn Estes

Sophomore year I had the boys over. (if you know you know). — Jackson Flanagan

I remember sitting in Newspaper, on the verge of a mental breakdown, watching and laughing at this YouTube Video of Spongebob toys “dancing” to a song from the musical. — Daily Harris

Anytime spent with Alyssa Carroll, P Beger, and Bry Brawner. We had a basketball one day and so we all went to gattis and then went to Brys house. Alyssa and I played Fortnite with her brother. Also we locked Bry out the car and left her at gattis. — Jordan Isom

Cameron Bryan bouncing a tennis ball in the hallway so hard it hit the ceiling and knocked out a light he had to pay for — Jackson Kisselbaugh

In my 4 years of high school I have had many many funny memories. I can’t think of any right now lol but I’m sure most of them were made with the volleyball team. — Ella Lewis

I did early college. For the last day of class, my friend, Anna Tillman and I decided to bring pizza to class. I picked up pizza and drinks and Anna brought plates and cups. It was raining a little when I started driving and by the time I arrived to the campus, it was raining so hard the roads were flooded. My arms were full with 2 liters of soda, folders, a huge umbrella, you name it. The walk was long, (and Anna had long since left me- sorry to out you, Anna) and I was dropping things left and right. By the time I got to the door, my umbrella was leaning sideways off my arm, (with me also leaning sideways trying to stay dry), my sodas had rolled down the hill, all my papers fell from my folder and were soaking wet, and I stared through the door in despair hoping for help. Finally a nice man jumped up and tried to help hold the things in my hands, although they kept slipping because I was so soaked. All I can hear is my friend laughing from the second story of the building, (there was an area to look over to the bottom level). This nice guy (who was now also soaked) walked me all the way to my class and the second we walked in, we stopped and stared in silence. Nobody came to class. Anna and I sat on the couches in the science building and ate the pizza and drank soda straight from the bottle. Not how we imagined our last day, but memorable, none the less. — Stella Myers

My first block class sophomore year nominated Ryan Scharf for homecoming queen. Needless to say it didn’t go through, but justice will be served. — Jakob Sherrard

That one time at band camp when I wrecked my car driving to camp and missed an entire week because I was trying to eat mandarin oranges while driving. — Kayla Slaubaugh

I met my boyfriend in chemistry class and since then it’s been a joke. Because ya know, we had chemistry in chemistry class lol — Victoria Steele

Delanna Betlej and I went to the wrong high school in Louisville for a track meet and missed half of the events. lolz — Sophia Torres